UPDF to recruit more LDUs ahead of 2021 general elections
UPDF to recruit more LDUs ahead of 2021 general elections

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) to recruit more LDUs ahead of 2021 general elections.

Security sections in the country that includes; Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Uganda Police and Uganda Prisons services are calling suitable applicants all-over Uganda to fill vacant posts in these security sections.

The recruitment is aimed at tightening security as 2021 general elections draw closer. UPDF wants 13000 LDUs recruits.

Lt Col. Henry Obbo, UPDF spokesperson Land Forces said the recruitment is to ensure that UPDF meets the required standards to help where necessary.

“LDU arrangement! The Local Defence Unit is the reserves that we are talking about, are part of the Uganda People’s Reserve Forces. We are only building up that capacity, we are only building the UPDF into a full institution, where all the services are properly represented. So recalling the reservists to go and serve in Somalia or to go and serve in any other place is not a problem at all,” Obbo said.

Obbo says that UPDF Act 1992, states that the Reserve Forces may at any time be contacted to protect life and properties of citizens. So, what they are doing is Constitutional.

“The LDUs that we are recruiting now have a very important role to play to the extent that there is part of the existing foundation security arrangement, that now we have in the country. Once we have this LDUs at that village level, it will mean that we have a stronger foundation,” Obbo said.

Frank Baine, Uganda Prisons spokesperson says the recruitment is needed to help during election time.

“We need to peeve up human resource in order to do our duties very well. Because you know we do a lot of activities, but yes when it comes to the 2021 general elections, we all join hands with our sister forces in maintaining public order,” Baine said.

Nevertheless, Shadow Minister for Security Muhammad Nsereko, says the recruitment is not needed.

“In the alternative of our view is that equip the forces that you have, encourage them through proper funding, work with the people to do proper information gathering and intelligence, improve on your methods of surveillance more than boots on the ground. I think it’s better to apprehend a criminal before they commit the felony,” Nsereko said.

The recruitment is scheduled to take place from 15th to 31 of July 2019, in Central, East, Northern and Mid-Western districts of Uganda.