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Kenzo Kibuli Mosque
Eddy Kenzo has vowed to camp outside Kibuli Mosque until Sheikh Muzaata apologises to him. File Photo

Former BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo has vowed to camp outside Kibuli Mosque until Sheikh Muzaata apologises to him

Kenzo to sleep at Kibuli Mosque – In a social media post, the BET Award winner, Edrisa Musuuza announced that he is coming back to Uganda in a short while and hold a strike against Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata insults over him, his career and his late mother.

Kenzo says the strike will include spending day and night outside Kibuli Mosque indefinitely, until Sheikh Muzaata admits an apology, following his demeaning comments.

“I’m coming back and I will be sleeping outside Kibuli Mosque until I see Mr Muzaata. Njagala ampowe ne maama wange,” Kenzo noted.

Continuing Kenzo said he’s ready to die or lose everything he has earned, so long as he’s fighting for justice. And in this matter, Kenzo says he doesn’t need anyone’s piece of advance.

“I have received a lot of calls good messages from family friends and my big fans, and Eddy Kenzo diehards, telling me not to write on social media again, I do agree 100% with you what I’m doing is wrong but I’m ready to die. I will be happy to follow my mother in peace,” Kenzo posted.

Kenzo says it hurts him to hear that a Muslim leader he honours, since childhood rose up to say that what he’s doing in America is homosexuality, and that’s the reason why he has ear pins.

Including telling him to go and marry his mother on national television.

He says he doesn’t care for anything anymore, what he wants is for Muzaata to tell him whether someone can marry his mother.

He says he cares a lot for the name he has nurtured all this while, that includes spending sleepless nights, working so hard for his family to change their poor background, and then to see one man in the name of Sheikh Muzaata tarnishing his hard work in a minute.

However, the “Sitya Loss” Singer, regardless of what is happening, all the blame and insults upon him following their failed relationship with Rema, Kenzo came out and congratulated Rema’s husband to be, Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital Kampala for finding a wife in Rema.

“I congratulate Dr Hamza Sebunya for getting a beautiful wife in Rema. I wish the best for both of you on your new journey. May Allah be a midst your family that everything moves on well,” Kenzo said in a Facebook post.

Kenzo as well congratulated Rema for a dream that came true and wished her a happy marriage with Dr Sebunya.

“Rema is my friend that I still love and will love always because we share a child. I congratulate her for fulfilling her dream. I ask God to bless her and the new marriage,” Kenzo stated.

Muzaata abusively attacked Kenzo on the 9th of October, 2019, during Rema Kukyala ceremony held in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at late Godfrey Mabirizi’s house.

Speaking at the ceremony, Muzaata allegedly accused Kenzo of being a gay and neglecting Rema’s love for him including telling him to go and marry his mother.

Something that has traumatised Kenzo a lot, prompting him to freeze all stage performances in Uganda and a strike.