Kenzo Sheikh Muzaata
Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata for humiliating him in public. File Photo

Eddy Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata over humiliating statements during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata for humiliating him in public

Rema Namakula’s former boyfriend, renowned Singer and the BET Award winner, Edrisah Musuuza common name Eddy Kenzo has fired back at the controversial Cleric Sheikh, Nuhu Muzaata following the humiliating statements he made against him, during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony in the presence of his daughter.

Rema’s Kukyala ceremony happened on Wednesday, 9th of October, 2019, in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at the late Godfrey Mabirizi’s palatial home.

However, speaking at Rema and Sebunya Kukyala ceremony, Muzaata commended Rema for dumping Kenzo stating that Kenzo was mindless about their 5-year relationship.

Additionally, Shiekh Muzaata mentioned that Kenzo was a playboy, who had no intentions of marrying Rema.

Responding to Muzaata’s statements, Kenzo said that it was not good to air out humiliating statements before his young and innocent daughter, Aamaal Musuuza. However, he said he has nothing to do for Muzaata, but only God will make the final judgement.

“You have attacked and humiliated me in front of my daughter (Aamaal Musuuza). I don’t think that was her good day and she will never forget you. Thank you Sheikh Muzaata, Allah will be our judge on the final day, God willing,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo adds that it’s absurd to hear that a Muslim Cleric Sheikh utters out such statements in public.

According to Kenzo, Muzaata shouldn’t have pointed fingers at him, because of her mother’s death, 20 years back, greatly affected him.

“Thank you Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata for the humiliating message but my mother died 20 years back. That is why you are seeing me in this kind of situation. I wish she was alive, I would have not been in this kind of life you are seeing me,” Kenzo added.

Besides, Kenzo says critics against his failure relationship should not be drawn to him alone, because he was a victim.

He says the alleged negligence and complacency in his relationship with Rema from the public that’s claimed to have caused the separation is wrong.

According to Kenzo, he was under fire, during his five-year relationship with Rema in which the two have a beautiful daughter Aamaal, only that he had no one to run to for comfort.

“I have been through a lot in this relationship, but I had no one to cry to. By the time I run from a house that I struggled to build, that means I had been burdened enough,” Kenzo noted.

For two years, Kenzo had deserted his Seguku home and went and stayed in his studio house in Makindye, Kampala during the last times of their relationship.

But, in a long post on his Social Media platform, Kenzo says several claims of abuse are being thrown to him, at this time when Rema is committing herself to another man, which has given him sleepless nights and at times he goes without food.

“I’m a strong person naye waliwo ekisuka this naye nsaba munsoyiwe,” part of the post stated.

“NzeRema akimanyi bulungi every time I get troubled always do cry singa maama abadewo. I miss my mother; I was tortured when I spent nights on the streets nga olusi ofunye woteka omutwe. Remember fetwasula nga mumyala,” Kenzo added.

Dr Hamza Sebunya is Rema’s husband to be, a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital Kampala.

Rema and Sebunya have now completed the first step into the marriage that’s Okukyala held on the 9 October 2019, at Naguru, Kampala and now awaits the grand introduction ceremony (Kwanjula) due next month.

In this ceremony, Rema will be unveiling her husband to her family and friends at Nabingo Bataka village, along Masaka road, then after the two will take their wedding vows in a Mosque since they belong to the Islamic faith.