Full Figure Rema Kukyala ceremony
Full Figure blasts Rema for hiring home, Sengas and guests for her Kukyala ceremony

Full Figure, a city Socialite said that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate attacked Kenzo because of the food and rice

After Muzaata’s irritating statements against the BET Award winner Kenzo, Full Figure and some musicians have come out and criticised Sheikh Muzaata’s views, on their fellow musician and a friend during Rema kukyala ceremony.

Full Figure, a city Socialite said that it was because of the food and rice Sheikh Muzaata was served at Rema Namakula’s Kukyala ceremony, that he rose and attacked Kenzo that day.

But enough is enough. She says they were raised by their parents, that’s the reason why they have parental hearts and blessings.

Full Figure says she doesn’t think that what happened at her Kukyala ceremony is truly what Rema yearned for all this long in life.

Full Figure asked whether Rema wanted to get married or rather feature in the limelight.

“You (Rema) went and rented late Mabirizi’s home. can you imagine?”

According to Full Figure, however, bad your home may look like, although a grass thatched house, that’s where you should hold your functions from, because blessings come from home not renting a late man’s house, to present it during your introduction ceremonies as your home to your husband to be.

And your home is always your home, it will never change.

Full Figure wondered how Rema could go-ahead to rent late Mabirizi’s home just to hold her Kukyala function? She says the Senga’s, friends and all the people who were there for her were all hired.

In her view, Rema could have remembered Halima Namakula and her daughter who raised and natured her. She adds Halima Namakula took care of Rema and was there for her at all times.

Including Kenzo who took good care of Rema from the time she was dark-skinned until today when she bleached to turn her skin colour. She says this is not how Rema could appreciate and repay these people.

“At least you (Rema) would have identified something good, to remember about Kenzo.”

Full Figure further said it’s so shaming, irritating and challenging to see that Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital married both the daughter and the mother.

She says it was illogical and unnecessary for Rema to bring Kenzo’s daughter to attend her marriage ceremonies.

Full Figure says Kenzo’s daughter, Aamal Musuuza was uncomfortable about the event, because she looked to be uncomfortable, that’s why the girl was pinching the man (Sebunya), beating and pushing him.

And when people began controlling her, Rema got annoyed and started changing her moods, but it was all because the child was irritated with what was going on.

Full Figure says Aamal was not supposed to attend her mother’s ceremony, she would be taken to a boarding school, given out to her Senga’s or taken somewhere else to avoid this kind of a mess.

“As you (Rema) changed clothes, she also changed, and you appeared before your guests altogether. you insulted her father in her presence which was generally not good at all.”

However, on Sheikh Muzaata’s irritating statement he uttered during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony, where he told Kenzo to go and marry his mother if all he wants to wait until a woman turns to look like his mother before arranging marriage ceremonies, to Full Figure it was an insignificant statement.

Full Figure says with all the energy and respect Sheikh Muzaata has, she doesn’t think it was right for him to say what he said during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony.

“I don’t think Sheikh Muzaata in all the wives he has, there’s his mother among, I don’t think. I don’t think Sheikh Muzaata used anything before saying what he said because I remember one time I was at Mbuga’s marriage function and I saw him (Muzaata) vending his daughters,” said Full Figure.

Relatedly, Singer Big Eye, also said that Sheikh Muzaata’s statements unpleasant to him, because Eddy Kenzo is his brother and friend, and whatever he faces, concerns him too.

“Attacking him (Kenzo) unfairly or abusing him, it hurts me too. It’s not right to come out and judge someone when you don’t know anything about him,” Big Eye said.

Big Eye went ahead to state that, it was unfair for Muzaata to pass judgement on Kenzo without listening to both sides of the story, and more with a woman he has a child with.

He adds that he and Kenzo are Muslims, and Muzaata is their father in the faith whom they grew up loving and respecting.

According to Big Eye, Muzaata shouldn’t have made such reckless statements against his son in the faith.