Sheikh Muzaata Kenzo
Sheikh Muzaata denies apologizing to playboy Eddy Kenzo. File Photo

Sheikh Muzaata says he will never apologise to playboy Kenzo and denied owning the facebook account in which the apology claimed to be from him.

The controversial Muslim cleric and Sheikh Muzaata have denied writing an apology letter to Singer, Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo following irritating and demining statements he made against Kenzo, during Rema Namakula’s Kukyala ceremony with her husband to be Hamza Sebunya via Facebook.

Sheikh Muzaata says he will never apologise to Kenzo and denied owning the facebook account in which the apology claimed to be from him, featured.

He says whatever, was posted on the Facebook account that bears his name are not his words, he has not apologised to Kenzo. If there’s an apology, then it’s from the owner of the account, not him.

Muzaata says he has no Facebook account under the name, Nuhu Muzaata Baate. “You can’t tell me that I have apologised on Facebook, yet I don’t have an account on Facebook.”

Meanwhile, Muzaate called upon IT technicians to help him remove that account, that bears his name on Facebook, because of its fake.

“Don’t say that you can’t do it, because that’s what we educated you for. Do whatever possible to remove that account that has my name on Facebook,” Muzaata appealed to IT technicians.

Sheikh Muzaata adds that he is not a politician, but you find a numbery of political statements on that same account claimed to be his statements which is not right.

Muzaata who admitted attacking Kenzo said Rema and Kenzo’s issues have been trending on Social Media and news for long now.

He says the two lived together for long, but Kenzo had no intentions of marrying Rema, which was wrong according to the Islamic faith.

However, Muzaata asked young girls to stop staying with men they are not married too and boys likewise.

He says most girls and boys start living together to the extent of having children, with people they are not married too.

“Now those two (Rema & Kenzo) they did it and produced a child, so time came the girl (Rema) wanted to get married, but the boy I think on Social Media his messages are clear, he said he’s not ready, he just can’t get married anyhow, he has to take his time, studying the person he intends to marry, because he does not want to wake up one morning regretting and divorce after marriage,” Muzaata said.

Muzaata says one of Kenzo’s statements on social media is that a woman has to first look like your mother, before committing into marriage with her, which is a bad example to the public. And after, he told Kenzo to go and marry his mother, if that’s the case.

“If you think you will marry a woman after she turns to be like your mother. Critics say it means you will never marry because no woman will accept that kind of mentality,” said Muzaata.

“It’s irresponsible to submit a woman to first look like your mother before marrying her,” he added.

However, he says it’s not an issue now, because Rema is already getting married to someone. But he also advised Kenzo to find someone to marry.

“You will never get healed after entering a glasshouse, you need to be calm, don’t throw stones, because you may encounter problems. But sometimes people surviving in uncomfortable situations, fail to realise that they are living in poor conditions,” Muzaata said.

Continuing, he said this should serve as an example to every boy out there who tries to live with someone’s daughter unlawfully. Muzaata says a wife is married, not just getting her like that.

“You don’t want to marry, but you take someone’s daughter and start staying with her for 5 to 10 years and even get children.”

He adds that girls start staying with men whom they don’t know, start producing children without meeting both parents. Not even conducting the Nikkah, Islamic marriage ceremony, which according to Muzaata should be stopped and people get married legally, to protect the future of their relationship and marriage.

Muzaata further said boys of today have adopted western cultures, for instance; homosexuality, where boys dress up and start behaving like girls. Wearing earring and necklaces.

“They say that behaviour is for homosexuals when you go to America, young people who are homosexuals wear earrings and necklaces. When you wear two earrings, it means you are a man and when you wear one earring it means you are a woman. And to those who claim to be women, they make their movements and conducts exactly like a woman.”

More to that, he said Islam clearly states features that indicate that a woman truly belongs to you officially that includes; official give away of the girl by the parents to the boy, Islamic marriage ceremony (Nikkah) and witnesses.

But without these things, according to Muzaata, you can’t claim someone’s daughter to be your wife. Because any time if she thinks of moving away from you, nothing can stop her.