torture victims Kayihura reign
Human rights activists launch black book seeking justice for torture victims under Kayihura reign. File Photo

Human rights activists and lawyers start registering torture victims under Kayihura reign, seeking justice

Black Book on torture victims Kayihura reign is out. Following torture, corruption accusations against the former Inspector of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura and the recent sanctions on him by the United States of America (USA) government.

Human rights activists and lawyers have launched a black book purposely to record all persons who suffered torture during his reign to ensure that justice is served to the victims.

On 13th September 2019, US government imposed a travel ban to the United State of America against Uganda’s former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura over accusations of gross human rights violations that include; corruption and illicit trade in wildlife while at the helm of Uganda Police Force.

Accusations he later denied, saying they are groundless, hypocritical, and based on false claims from the boast of due process, rule of law and democracy.

According to Kayihura, it’s a plot from his haters who want him dead and damage his reputation as well.

Addressing the media yesterday 10th October 2019, Kenneth Oine, a lawyer from Kizza Mugisha and Company Advocates said the move is meant to pressure International communities to take action against human rights violations crimes, particularly committed by State officials.

Human rights activists and lawyers launch Kayihura black book. File Photo

Oine says the world needs to be informed how Ugandans have suffered in the hands of those who are meant to render security, to their lives and properties.

He, however, asked all torture victims under Kayihura reign in Uganda to come out and register their names in the black book with clear torture evidence.

“We want to show the world how we have been tortured by those who are supposed to protect the people. We also asked the United States to disclose how far it has gone with the investigations regarding Gen Kayihura’s alleged inhuman acts, against Ugandans,” Oine said.

Zaid Sempala, spokesperson for jobless Brotherhood, a pressure group in Uganda asked US government to impose an asset freeze on all Kayihura’s properties, including assets belonging to men who worked together with him, as they have done with other countries.

“We have seen you people do it in other countries and we are asking that you do it in Uganda too. Just mere arrests may not help much in delivering the due justice,” Sempala said.

Over 30 people had registered their names in the black book by the end of yesterday, and according to Sempala more people are still coming, just because the team concerned, is still verify their evidence.

Testifying, one of the torture victims under Kayihura reign, Paul Mutebi said that he was severely tortured, at Nalufenya, Jinja District until he lost his manhood, that today he cannot bear children anymore.

“One of my kidneys was removed and my manhood was also damaged. I am not sure that I will ever be able to produce children, Mutebi testified.