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How to get an Airtel Money Mastercard
Over 1 million merchants in Africa accept Mastercard QR payments.

Mastercard’s global network has been made available to Airtel Africa’s over 100 million mobile phone users, mostly Airtel Money customers, across 14 African countries as of October 2019.

Airtel Africa announced a partnership with Mastercard in October 2019, giving over 100 million customers of Airtel Money services in 14 African countries access to Mastercard’s global network.

By using the Mastercard virtual debit card, AirtelMoney customers are able to make payments to local and international online merchants that accept Mastercard cards, without having to have a bank account, and they will always have their financial information protected.

Additionally, AirtelMoney customers will be able to make in-person payments via Quick Response (QR) codes at outlets (scanning a QR code displayed at checkout or entering a merchant identification number at any location where MasterCard QR is accepted), from their Airtel mobile phones.

More than 1 million merchant locations are accepting Mastercard QR payments throughout Africa.

Customers of Airtel Money will also benefit from competitive pricing and preferential exchange rates for international payments, as well as gain access to other domestically relevant services, including bill payments and merchant payments, as well as value-added services such as cash management.

As part of this article, we look at the seven frequently asked questions about the AirtelMoney Mastercard, and how to get and use the Airtel Uganda Mastercard virtual debit card.

What is Airtel Money?

The Airtel Money digital wallet allows subscribers to make a variety of financial transactions, including Cash In, Person to Person transfers, Bill Payments, and Cash Out.

What are the steps to get an Airtel Mastercard?

AirtelMoney Mastercards require an Airtel SIM, such as dial *185*7# on Airtel, since they are linked to Airtel Money wallets and not standalone cards.

Can you tell me about AirtelMoney Mastercard?

Through your Airtel Money wallet, you can purchase goods and services from merchants across the globe online using AirtelMoney Mastercard. It is a virtual (non-plastic) Debit card linked to your Airtel Money wallet that enables customers to make online purchases.

Airtel Mastercard: How does it work?

AirtelMoney Mastercard virtual (non-plastic) card allows customers, even those without bank accounts, to make payments to local and global online merchants accepting Mastercard cards, while guaranteeing the security of their financial information.

Creating the Airtel Mastercard using USSD

  1. Dial *185*7# on Airtel
  2. Select option #9 (AirtelMoney Mastercard)
  3. Select option #1 (Get a Card)
  4. Enter Airtel Money PIN to continue.
  5. You will receive an SMS with the Mastercard information.

Getting Airtel Mastercard with My Airtel App

  1. Open the My Airtel App.
  2. Tap/ swipe to Airtel Money and enter your PIN to access the service.
  3. Tap on the ‘Mastercard Get Card’ option with the Mastercard logo in the wallet tile
  4. Re-enter your Airtel Money PIN to initiate the creation of a virtual Mastercard in your name.
  5. You will get an SMS with a link to your Mastercard information.

Who qualifies for the Showmax Airtel Money Mastercard Promotion?

You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Showmax Airtel Money Mastercard Promotion.

Customers who sign up and pay using an Airtel Mastercard during the Promo Period will be eligible to receive up to 90% off and 1GB of Airtel data.

During the promo period, existing Showmax Service users must apply for an Airtel Money Mastercard card to change their payment method. The Mastercard must be eligible for recurring billing.

The Showmax Service requires customers to use an IP address registered in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The promo Period is the period running from 04 October 2022 to 31 March 2022. During this time, prospective customers can subscribe to the Showmax AirtelMoney Mastercard Promotion.

Lastly, Showmax plans such as Showmax Mobile and Showmax Pro Mobile qualify for this offer.