Airtel Freaky Friday (1)
What is Airtel Freaky Friday and how do you take advantage of it. FILE PHOTO

Learn how to easily add Airtel Uganda Freaky Friday data bundles to your smartphone and surf for the remainder of your weekend in this article by Flash Uganda Media.

Airtel Freaky Friday is a weekly data deal that Airtel offers its subscribers as a bonus. With severe competition from other telecoms, Airtel made its offer a Friday-affiliated data plan.

If you want, you can subscribe for Airtel Freaky Friday, which combines both voice (minutes) and data offerings into one bundle.

Airtel Freaky Friday is one of those weekend data giveaways that Airtel Uganda offers to its clients from Friday to Monday (depending on when you purchased the Airtel Freaky Friday data), and many Airtel users take advantage of it. 

The data pack differs from standard Airtel internet bundles in that it allows you to surf the web like a boss all weekend. 

In this article by Flash Uganda Media, you will learn how to easily load Airtel Uganda Freaky Friday data bundles onto your smartphone and surf for the rest of the weekend.

How to subscribe to Airtel Freaky Friday

For only UGX2,000, you can get 1.5GB of data for 24 hours, and for UGX3,000, you can get 2GB of data valid for 3 days. To get started, simply dial *149*10#.

If dialling *149*10# does not work, you can do it step by step by pressing *149#, then replying with a 10 and choosing a freaky Friday data bundle.

  • Select your favourite offer by dialling *149*10#. (24hrs or 3-days)
  • Alternatively, dial *149# and then choose Option 10. (Freaky Friday)
  • Select your favourite deal (whether a 24hours or 3day deal)
  • Then pay with Airtime or Airtel Money and you’re done: your Freaky Friday deal will be applied to your account.

Airtel Freaky Friday subscription for a different number

You can easily send the Airtel Freaky Friday data offer to friends and family.

If you wish to purchase Airtel Freaky Friday for a different phone number, press *149#, then Option 10 (Freaky Friday), then Option 3 (Gift).

  • Dial *149*10# OR dial *149#, then pick option 10 (Freaky Friday) 
  • Select Option 3 (Gift)
  • Choose your desired offer, whether it’s a 24-hour or 3-day deal.
  • Then, for Pay with Airtime or Airtel Money, enter an Airtel number to load Freaky Friday.

When does Airtel Freaky Friday begin?

Airtel Freaky Friday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday. It is essentially from Friday through Monday.

What is the duration of Airtel Freaky Friday?

Airtel Freaky Friday can go all the way until Monday.

You can also experiment with additional airtel data offerings, such as the Airtel night data bundles or the standard Airtel bundles.