Who is Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna?
Who is Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna?

Who is Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, music career, songs, controversy, relationship with Pherrie Kim, Aisha Nantaba, early life and education of OS.

Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna aka OS who was named Abdul Shakul the time he converted to Islam is a Ugandan musician, songwriter, producer, and can play musical instruments. 

He’s multitalented as far as music is concerned.

Omulangira Suuna is the producer of Nakudata, the song that ushered Goodlyfe Crew of the late Mowzey Radio & Weasel into the Limelight, Lwaki Onumya, Ngamba, Zuena and he’s the writer and producer of all his singles.

OS is the owner of White House Entertainment, a music label. He’s an addict to tea, a habit he picked from his father but does not smoke neither does he take drugs. 

The most embarrassing moment OS has ever encountered is when he forgot to zip up his trousers before appearing on stage to present music at Mayor’s Garden in Jinja City.

Early Life and Education

Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna was born in Uganda on 25, December 1982 in Misigi village Singo, Mityana District but grew up in Mbirizi village, Masaka District current Masaka City. 

He attended his primary school in Masaka District in Mbirizi and Kyamaganda Demonstration School from where he completed his primary seven. Then OS transferred to Kasasa secondary school and studied till senior three.

After senior three-class, OS ran away from school, came to Kampala and began living on the streets of Kampala city as a street boy. He was a very naughty boy and this was because of peer pressure, but his sister kept looking for him and eventually found him, so as a punishment for running away from school, his father caned him 80 strokes. 

Later OS returned to school to attend senior four class at Nakyenyi Senior Secondary School in Mbirizi, Masaka City.

Though very stubborn, OS was a bright boy, he managed to attain a first grade for the school that year, after 12 years. The school attained only two first grades that year.

Unfortunately, OS stopped studying in senior five at Kinoni Parents Schools and ventured into music at 18 years of age. After disappointing his parents who thought he was attending school, OS relocated to Kampala to do music.


Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna began singing at 18 years in senior five class in 2004. His first manager was Omulangira Ndausi of Radio Simba under his Fanda Family music group then.

However, before teaming up with Ndausi, OS began singing in a band named Friends Band owned by Tom Ssengendo then Betty Kagimu Band owned by Betty Kagimu shortly after settling in Kampala city.

Then he produced his first song and hit Joana at Dream Studios. Omulangira Suuna was once managed by Pherrie Kim who later became his girlfriend and together they have a son.

At one point OS crashed musically after marrying Aisha because according to Islamic doctrines, music is discouraged and as a result, he faced several challenges. 

He even reached the extent of sleeping in his car and eating porridge for three days soon after the two parted ways, he had nowhere to sleep and food to eat completely broke.

The following day he received a call from his sister Nalwadda based in Dubai who offered him 1m shillings after spending five years without communicating. 

This was his turning point in life, OS apologized to his family whom they had parted because he converted to Islam, resumed his music career and everything normalized once again. 

omulangira emmanuel suuna biography
OS began singing at 18 years in senior five in 2004.


  • Balaba Makooti
  • Siyenkomelero
  • Love Yo
  • Kampala
  • Tweefeko
  • Deeply
  • Ramadhan
  • Takibir
  • Abantu
  • Balabe
  • Made in Uganda
  • Soda
  • Zzina
  • Side Dish
  • Ndabila Maama
  • Gambler
  • BMW
  • Bogera
  • Akaama
  • Ndayila
  • Mzei Tute
  • Kankuwase
  • Happy Birthday
  • Tebatusobola
  • Tekiri Fair
  • Emmala
  • Make Up
  • Byekola Byoka, among other songs

Other Responsibilities

OS after ending school in senior five engaged in a motorcycle rally for survival in Mbarara City and after failing to succeed he ventured into brewing local alcohol called Akaliga in Mbarara, a skill he learnt from his grandmother. 

This was also short-lived and became a barber in a salon still in Mbarara before he relocated to Kampala City.


OS bitterly faced off Ugandan bloggers for spreading fake news concerning his brand. This followed a post he made on his social media platforms posing off with a storied building under construction worth 700m in Munyonyo and a huge forest of pine trees claiming to be his property.

On the caption, OS said such properties should be achieved by any man before he clocks the age of forty. 

However, news broke out later indicating the said properties belonged to OS’s sugar mummy, and as a result, the public concluded that OS was seeking relevance after fading off the music scene.

Reacting to the claims, OS implored the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to regulate bloggers against spreading defamatory statements. 

Among the blogger included prominent blogger who also serves as the president of Bloggers Association, Ibrahim Tusubira Isma Olaxees who claimed Omulangira Suuna is a faded musician who runs a family shrine at his home and depends on sugar mummies for survival, something that disturbed OS a lot. 

Following Isma’s utterances, he was charged with offensive communication and criminal libel that led to his arrest and detention at Kitalya prison. 

In the same line, Omulangira Suuna dragged NBS TV, Sanyuka TV and NXT Radio presenters to court over defamation and character assassination, the three presenters were also detained at Kitalya Prison but after few days they were released on bail. 

The three presenters include; Isaac Kawalya Ssemulondo alias Kayz, Bryan Kennedy Waako and William Makuliro.

Omulangira Suuna filed the case through his lawyers Mr Robert Lutaalo and Mr Precious Nahabwe from Elgon Associated Advocates at Buganda Road Court. 

In their submission, the lawyers argued that the mentioned presenters called OS a witch doctor and not the rightful owner of a storied building and the pine plantation he displayed claiming to be his recent achievement. 

According to Mr Lutaalo, the Next Media presenters and the mentioned blogger committed the offence on August 27th, 2021. As a result, OS demands compensation amounting to 1bn Uganda Shillings over the damages caused to his brand, adding that he will never forgive Next Media Services and its presenters for tarnishing his brand.

Further, after compensating him, Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna wants Next Media to punish its presenters Kayz, Brain Wako and Mako for damaging his brand. He also wants the said gossip entertainment show revised or scraped off if its purpose is to tarnish the musician’s brand and a public apology from Next Media.

He further demanded that if all the above is done, NBS TV should also delete all the video clips from the internet in which its presenters defamed and tarnished his image.

nbs Kayz arrested remanded to Kitalya prison (1)
Kayz and the other two journalists were charged with offensive communication and criminal libel. FILE PHOTO


Omulangira Emmanuel Suuna is single. However, he has a boy child named Wasswa a twin aged 16 years old from an earlier relationship with Pherrie Kim who was the Public Relations Officer of Club Guvnor. 

A few years back he married a Moslem woman Aisha Nantaba a Dubai based woman, OS converted to Islam willingly and named Abul Shakul but later on, the two separated.

He’s currently dating another woman and he says he will be unveiling her soon. 

Likes and Preferences

OS likes and enjoys cooking. He can prepare delicious steamed fish among other dishes.