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MTN Uganda, a renowned telecommunications company in Uganda, recently launched a new innovative service: MTN calling bundles.

MTN Uganda, one of the most renowned telecommunication companies in Uganda, has recently introduced a new innovative service to give their customers a great deal of value: MTN calling bundles

That now supplements other voice plans like the MTN PerMinute, MTN Freedom Bundles, MTN PerSecond, and MTN Zone. 

The newly invented product allows you to get great value for your money, and you can comfortably choose a daily, weekly or monthly bundle at your convenience. 

Calling bundles from MTN

MTN voice calling bundle is an innovation from MTN Uganda that’s a spice for more talk time. Its offer bundles are tailored under daily, weekly, and monthly validity timeframes for easy subscription. 

MTN voice calling bundles, My PakaPaka, and Swiftly bundles are also offered per-customer basis, depending on your account usage. Standard voice bundles offer talk-time minutes at fair prices. 

Most individuals ignore terms and conditions before subscribing to certain services, only to cry foul when something goes wrong. If you are new to MTN services, MTN Voice Calling Bundles are open to all MTN Prepaid and postpaid customers. 

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However, if you are a postpaid customer, you’ll have to load Airtime to activate the bundles. as obvious, each voice calling bundle will be depleted per minute. 

From MTN terms and conditions, if you call for less than 60 seconds, the entire 60 seconds is deducted from the balance. In another case, if you are travelling, you will not have access to voice bundles until you return. 

Another advantage of MTN Voice Calling Bundles is that you can extend your voice bundle

Still, its validity is only as good as if you activate another voice bundle within the same validity as the bundle you currently have active. 

The remaining bundle will be waived on expiry. You can also buy a package for your friend on the MTN network or voice bundles. 

How much do MTN voice calling bundles cost

Daily packages cost from as low as UGX 500 for 6 minutes to a high of 2,000 shillings for 60 minutes with a validity period of 24 hours. 

For weekly bundles, it offers 150 minutes for Ugx 7,000. 

While monthly bundle offer ranges from 5,000 for 125 minutes to 50,000 shillings for 4,500 minutes, respectively. 

How To Subscribe To MTN Voice Calling Bundles

  • Dial *160#
  • Choose Option 2, select Bundles or dial *160*2#
  • Select Voice Bundles, select option 1
  • Then, Choose to Buy a Bundle— option 1
  • Choose Between Daily, weekly or Monthly bundles
  • Once you select a preferred offer, then choose between Airtime. alternatively, you can use Mobile Money as your payment option
  • Done—Your account will be credited with your subscribed Voice bundle

If you are a starter to MTN Uganda, you can access all MTN voice calling bundles via *160#, which serves as the major services shortcode. 

However, periodic promotions such as MTN Supu can be activated for a specific timeframe, also accessed via unique codes off the main *160# shortcode. 

Join already satisfied individuals enjoying MTN voice calling bundled services.