about MTN Freedom Bundles (1)
They don’t have an expiry date or time.

The customer needs a Sim card that is 4G enabled to take advantage of MTN freedom bundles.

MTN Freedom bundles are data bundles that do not expire. 

They don’t have an expiry date or time. This means that when you buy Freedom bundles, you will use your data until when it gets finished with no time limit.

Many people have had issues buying data bundles that have a time frame that is to say daily, weekly or monthly; this meant that even if you still had unused data but the expiry time has reached, the data will automatically be removed. 

For example, you buy 10GB of data for a month but you only use 4GB and your 30 days have ended while u still have unused data of 6GB, the 6GB data will automatically be no more because it has reached its 30 days expiry time. 

Now MTN introduced freedom bundles to solve that issue, with freedom bundles you buy data that has no expiry date. You simply use your data until when u finish it. 

This data has no validity period. It is valid forever as long as your MTN line is still active.  

To enjoy freedom bundles, the customer needs to have a 4G enabled Sim card. 

How to load MTN Freedom bundles

To load MTN Freedom bundles you Dial *150*6# yes… or Dial *150*7# yes and then follow the prompts. You can also load Freedom bundles using the MyMTN app.

How do you check your remaining Freedom Bundle data package? 

You can check your remaining Freedom bundle package by Dialing *131*4# then yes 

Can I load Freedom bundles for another person?

You can also activate freedom bundles for another person by dialling *150*6*2# yes… then follow the prompts. 

How long do Freedom bundles last?

MTN Freedom bundles have no validity period. 

Freedom Bundles packages

Do Freedom bundles expire?

NO. Freedom bundles don’t expire. And here are the Freedom bundle packages: 1GB at UGX 5000/=, 4GB at UGX 15000/=, 7GB at UGX 25,000/=, 15GB at UGX 50,000/= and 40GB at UGX 100,000/=.

Check out the T & C here https://www.mtn.co.ug/product/freedom-bundles/