agasha juliet bashiisha
Agasha Juliet Bashiisha

Who is Agasha Juliet Bashiisha? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, tribe, achievements, and relationship with Jovah Kamateeka, Maj. Gen. Hon Kahinda Otafiire, Hon Anita Among, the early life and education of the current Woman representative for Mitooma District in Uganda.

Agasha Juliet Bashiisha is a Ugandan politician who has been a member of the Ugandan Parliament since 2021.

She is Mitooma District’s female representative in parliament. Hon. Agasha belongs to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political party.

Early life and Education

Agasha Juliet Bashiisha was born on 26th September in Mitooma District, Western Uganda.

She graduated with a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General from Makerere University.

Career and Professional Work Experience

Agasha Juliet Bashiisha ran as an independent candidate for the Ugandan Parliament in the Mitooma District’s reserved seat for women in the 2011 general election. She stood against NRM’s Jovah Kamateeka. 

Agasha was defeated by Kamateeka, who received 19,971 votes to Kamateeka’s 29,263 votes. In the 2016 Ugandan general election, Agasha ran as an independent against Kamateeka. 

Though Agasha was defeated again, this time by a smaller margin, receiving 32,032 votes to Kamateeka’s 37,949.

Agasha ran against Kamateeka for the third time in the Ugandan general election in 2021. In the NRM primaries, Agasha narrowly defeated Kamateeka, receiving 25,228 votes over Kamateeka’s 23,227 votes. 

While Agasha’s primary constituency was Ruhinda South, Kamateeka was unable to unite a base of support because a third candidate, independent Rebecca Kyarampe, split the vote with Kamateeka in several of her strongest areas. 

In the general elections, Agasha defeated Kamateeka and Kyarampe, receiving 34,736 votes to Kamateeka’s 16,148 and Kyarampe’s 13,974.

Achievements and Awards

agasha juliet bashiisha biography

Hon. Agasha Juliet Bashiisha has been credited with improving the economic conditions in Mitooma District during her time in parliament and advocating for female and youth empowerment.

She is a Natural Resources Committee member. In its oversight and legislative roles, it ensures adequate environmental and natural resource management in Uganda.

She is also a member of the Equal Opportunity Committee. The Equal Opportunities Commission is mandated to eliminate discrimination and inequalities against any individual or group of persons on the basis of gender, age, race, color, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion. 

Also deals with health status, social or economic standing, political opinion, or disability, and to take affirmative action in favor of groups marginalized on the basis of gender, age, disability, or any other reason created by history, tradition, or custom for the purpose of achieving equality.

From July 2009 to the present, she has been the Program Director of the Uganda Civic Education Foundation – UGACEF. 

She spearheaded a fundraising campaign towards the roofing of Ryakahimbi Parish in Ruhinda County in Mitooma district. Maj. Gen. Hon Kahinda Otafiire, the area MP and minister of internal affairs officiated the event, which collected 200 million. 

Hon Anita Among was the guest of honor and she contributed 20m. Agasha also organized a business orientation training to provide ethics on financial literacy and a mentorship program for Mitooma district enterprises and businesses.


Ruhinda South voters were taken aback when Juliet Agasha Bashisha of NRM political party received backing from Greater Ruhinda FDC party head Tumusiime Adonia Bagorogoza.

On Monday, November 16, 2020, at the playground of Bukongoro Primary School, Bagorogoza urged voters to support Bashisha because FDC did not field a candidate for the same women’s parliamentary seat.

However, many voters were confused by his statements and wondered if he still supported FDC.

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