MD-VG-Somasekhar Broadband internet
Airtel Uganda launches reliable, fast and affordable Broadband internet for homes and SME’s use. File Photo

Airtel Uganda launches reliable, fast and affordable Broadband internet for homes and SME’s use 

Airtel Uganda on Thursday 7, October 2019, launched a new Airtel Broadband which is very reliable, fast and very affordable for home users, small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

Airtel Uganda, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Uganda, during the launch assured Ugandans uninterrupted internet, strong Wi-Fi signals, the first of its kind in Uganda.

“As a commitment to power homes and SME’s, we have today launched Airtel Broadband, a new product that gives customers super-fast, uninterrupted internet speed at a very affordable cost,” Brenden Kachenje, the General Manager Airtel Broadband said.

He adds that: “This product comes with an outdoor unit that ensures you to have strong Wi-Fi signals and an indoor unit to ensure that your devices receive strong uninterrupted signals.”

State-Minister-for-Trade-Werikhe-Kafabusa Airtel Broadband internet
State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa commended Airtel Uganda

The latest Airtel Broadband comes with a free 51 GB valid for a period of one month at a cost of 280.000 Uganda shillings.

“Customers can get the new Airtel Broadband at only UGX 280.000 with free 51 GB valid for a month. It also comes with very affordable recharge bundles that are as low as UGX 1,500 per GB.  This is the first of its kind on the market,” Kachenje noted.

On the same event, VG Somasekhar, Managing Director Airtel Uganda said the new Broadband technology on the market adds up to the 100% 4G Airtel network, launched early this year.

“We went on to introduce new and transformed technologies like the 4×4 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO). Today we decided to go a step further to introduce fixed data or for homes and businesses,” Somasekhar said.

Somasekhar says the purpose of doing this is to enhance economic development among SME’s in the country, as well as fast internet services to every individual.

“The future economic development of our country is the growth of SME’s. what they need is improved and fast communication at lower costs. Up to today, our cost of data was I dollar per GB,” Somasekhar added.

State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa commended Airtel Uganda for the new technological advancement, saying internet usage is fundamental in economic development.

He, however, promised Airtel that government is ready and will support them in this new move, for the good of Ugandans.

Kafabusa adds that the new technology comes at a time when the government is working hard to promote SME’s through value addition, quality production to capture both local and international markets.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank Airtel for this innovation, and I would like to pledge our support as Government. The various technological changes contribute significantly to the development of this country,” Kafabusa said.