jumia Uganda Black Friday November
The biggest sale of the year dubbed Jumia Uganda Black Friday is back. Photo/Jumia Uganda

The biggest sale of the year dubbed Jumia Uganda Black Friday is back with up to 80% discount on most goods

Being one of the biggest online shopping platforms in Uganda and Africa, Jumia Uganda is back with it’s Black Friday, this time around with an up to 80% discount on most of the commodities.

The Jumia Uganda Black Friday promotion was launched to run from 8th up to 29th November this year and with this being its first Friday, Jumia has lowered prices for most goods to cater for customer’s pockets. 

Discounted prices have been levied on almost all items including electronics, fashion, home and sporting goods, toys, video games, appliances, TV sets, tablets, smartphones and laptops among others.

How does the Jumia Black Friday event run?

Each Black Friday up to the closure of the event begins with a treasure hunt by 12 am, there will also be discounts as high as 99% on the treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt is a hide and seeks kind of game but the only difference here that it is played online.

Jumia hides a specific commodity in a category where you least expect to find it on their website but they will describe the item looks and specifications to customers for example if it’s a phone, Jumia might decide to hide it under clothes section, so customers will be tasked to look for it.

Jumia however, says that only one commodity is available for treasure hunt every week but it is almost free since there is a 99% discount attached to it.

It adds that a customer can also only buy one treasure hunt item during this promotion and besides, the winner will be presented his accolades physically at their corporate offices.

The winner also needs to agree that his pictures can be used by Jumia for promotional purposes.

Jumia also recommends that once you have ever won the treasure hunt, there will be no second chance for you to win again.

On Black Friday still, Jumia has prepared a Flash Sale for customers to grab themselves items at a particular price but this price will be set to run for a specified period of time.

Meanwhile, Jumia urges customers to buy goods at discounted prices for other days of the week because discounts will be levied on all commodities, however, on Sunday there is only going to be flash sales with 70% discount by 10 am in the morning.

Besides the display of these products on its Website, Jumia Uganda delivers to its customers in different areas in 7 days and express deliveries are conducted around Kampala.

Payments to Jumia products can be accessed through mobile money or customers can pay after service delivery and he or she should have access to a free Jumia App or Google for the website to be in a position to trade with Jumia.

By John Dalton Kigozi