Youth’s storm Middle East Consultants
Executive Director, Gordon Mugyenyi agreed to refund their money as he had programmed before. File Photo

Angry youths storms Middle East Consultants offices in Muyenga demanding a refund of their money after failing to avail them job placements

Heavy anti-riot Police deployment was seen yesterday outside Middle East Consultants premises after a group of approximately 30 angry youths stormed their offices demanding a refund of their money they paid for job placement in the Arab World which never matured.

The youth who had placards at hand accused the Middle East Consultants, a labour export company mainly to the Middle East Countries of taking their money and failed to make their job placement as they had promised.

So, as a result, these youths wanted their money refunded as agreed before.

“They told me to wait for two months, now it’s coming to two years and I have not seen my visa. I am requesting them to give me back my money because I got the money from a moneylender,” one of the protesters said.

And after an interaction with the angry youths, the company’s Executive Director, Gordon Mugyenyi agreed to refund their money as he had programmed before.

“People who are claiming money today we had a program today to refund six people, two of them are sick, four they are okay they have withdrawn and we were able to give them their money today, officially and well programmed. It’s well programmed they are going to get their money just a few minutes because they are on the programme. Others those who are not on the programme they came today, but we gave them a programme of 30th,” Mugyenyi said.

Recently, Middle East Consultants officials were arrested by the State House Anti- Corruption Unit led by Lt Col. Edith Nakalema over accusations of soliciting money from people promising them jobs in the Middle East which never existed.

Similarly, Mbale Grade One Magistrate Court has filed charges against Stephen Korebu over human trafficking and forgery and later on remanded to Makulu Prison in Mbale until the 24 of September 2019.

Korebu is accused of trafficking a woman named Christine Nambereke to Oman who later died in Oman in April 2019, under unclear circumstances.

“As a family, we are so much delighted because at last, we are going to receive justice. The deceased left us with a burden of the children, she left behind seven children, we divided them up some life with me and I pay their school fees others with mother and the rest live with their father,” Mariza Nambuya, Sister-in-Law to Nambereke.

“Today we are so happy that the file was opened up, that’s confirming that the evidence Police collected can work. So, today we brought the suspect on board by names of Kolebu Stephen and have been charged with aggravated trafficking of a person,” Charles Twine, PRO Criminal Intelligence.

Mariam Mwiza, human rights activist said that she is very happy to see that finally, the criminals, in this case, are going to be acted upon.

“Having seen traffickers being apprehended, we’ve been seeing him just loitering around with no case charged on them. But at the end of this case of human trafficking, I much interested in seeing the law taking its course for the first time,” Mwiza said.