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Who is Arnold Segawa?

Who is Arnold Segawa? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, wife, TV career, Early life, Education and Background.

Arnold Segawa is a Ugandan media personality, News Anchor, presenter, producer and Senior Journalist.

Early Life and Education

Arnold Segawa aged 30 years was born in Butambala District to Olive Namatovu and George William Lwanga (RIP) at Mengo Hospital. He’s a Muganda by tribe and belongs to the Nkima clan in the Buganda Kingdom and his mother was from Singo a Buganda province.

Arnold Segawa attended Lohana Academy in Kampala along Namirembe road for his early school days; Makerere College School for his Secondary Education. 

Segawa then joined Makerere University Business School (MUBs) where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and later in 2018 he attained a master’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Witwatersrand University, South Africa. 

Segawa has done 13 postgraduate courses most of them online and holds a certificate in oil and gas management from Victoria University.

Arnold Segawa at cnbc africa
Segawa worked in Rwanda as Program Manager at 94.3 Royal FM, and then CNBC Africa based in Santon, Johannesburg South Africa.

Work and Experience

Arnold Segawa currently works at NTV Uganda anchoring the LiveAt9 news bulletin and has been credited for collecting viewers off from NTV’s rivals during Live At9 news hour, something he appreciates. 

This is attributed to his deep voice, great command of the English language and astuteness when it comes to financial matters which has put him in the limelight.

Segawa worked in Rwanda as Program Manager at 94.3 Royal FM, and then CNBC Africa based in Santon, Johannesburg South Africa. From there Segawa joined NTV Uganda, a brand of Nations Media Group based in Kenya. 

However, he has been in the media for 10 years, he used to do voiceovers here in Uganda for companies including MTN Uganda, UTL, Warid, Orange and Zain among others. He as well worked at Sanyu FM. 

What makes Segawa stand out is his naturally deep voice. In his narration, Segawa as well picks one or two things from good anchors he looks up to like Richard Quest of CNN and Jeremy James of BBC including additional information from the news reporters stating that a good anchor should be part of the newsgathering team. 

Segawa adds that he as well as experience from Rwanda and South Africa. 

Segawa is passionate about macroeconomics and monetary policy. He is an experienced broadcast professional presenting global top-tier media programs on finance and economics living up to many people’s dreams. 

Segawa is skilled in framing discussions about current challenges facing the African continent to reach a diverse regional and global audience.

Arnold Segawa ntv uganda
Segawa currently works at NTV Uganda anchoring the LiveAt9 news bulletin.


Arnold Segawa is a single man and has no known relationship.

Likes and Preferences

Arnold Segawa likes his mind! He urges that the body keeps changing as you grow older; as you age, you lose hips, bums, muscles, but the brain is everything although some loose brain power too.

Segawa likes playing the guitar, it’s his hobby. He also listens to jazz, read economics journals his favourite economist being Prof. Paul Krugman and also he used to play basketball.

At home when not on TV, Arnold reads, works on his PhD proposal.

Favourite drinks

Arnold Segawa does not drink alcohol, his favourite drink is Krest.