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Aruu Falls in Uganda (1)
From the Aswa Bridge in Agagura, it takes 15 minutes to reach the Aruu Falls via a dusty route. PHOTO/UgandaTourismCenter

This week, we explore the breathtakingly beautiful Aruu falls. These falls are located in northern Uganda, directly off the Gulu-Kitgum highway.

Uganda is blessed with enormous natural resources, a wide variety of fauna, and a wide range of natural relief. With numerous significant lakes, notably Lake Victoria, this is Africa’s equator-crossing point, bringing the West African Jungle and East African Savannah together at a key intersection.

Our exploration today takes us to the breathtakingly beautiful Aruu falls. They are located in northern Uganda, along the Gulu-Kitgum highway. 

Gulu is 47 kilometres away, whereas Kitgum is 57 kilometres away, and Kampala the capital city of Uganda is 386 kilometres away. 

After crossing the Aswa Bridge in Agagura, the Aruu Falls can be reached in about 15 minutes on a dusty route. 

Visiting these waterfalls is one of the best ways to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. As the water cascades over the rocks, the beautiful falls appear like something out of a movie.

Situated in northern Uganda, approximately 45 kilometres from Gulu city, are cascading streams of roaring waterfalls that provide a memorable and daring experience for those brave enough to brave them.

In northern Uganda, the Aruu Falls will leave you speechless. This water comes from a river that originates in both the Agago and Pader districts and runs through the Agago River.

The raging waters of Aruu

Aruu Falls (1)
The water comes from a river that runs through the Agago River and comes from both the Agago and Pader districts. PHOTO/UgandaTourismCenter

The tremendous roar of the falls may be heard from a distance. They’re nestled in the centre of a forest, surrounded by lush vegetation.

The sound of the river and the freshness of the air is very uplifting. 

Is there something else you’re looking for?

You’ll need to travel to Pader to take in this stunning view and create lasting memories.

As you go around Aruu Falls, you’ll notice that the waterfalls get better and better as you go. Caution though is to swim at your own risk because the disclaimer is clear. 

 The water appears clean enough for people to swim. The rocks can be treacherous as one descends, therefore visitors to the falls should be prepared to remove their shoes to cross the river barefoot. 

Again, if you’re going to bring your phone or camera, exercise caution. People who are elderly, crippled, or very young are not advised to participate in this activity.

You can also enjoy a variety of magnificent activities at and around the waterfalls, such as kayaking and hiking.

You may try out a picnic on top of the large rocks at the bottom of the falls as you enjoy the cool breeze, nature walk to discover the beauty of the falls, its beautiful background provides a unique and perfect place for photography, birds, and primates watching, 

For the rest of the wonderful experience, you need to see for yourself when you visit this paradise.

Places to stay the night in Northern Uganda’s Aruu region

kitgum royal hotel at Aruu (1)
For visitors seeking accommodation that’s decent and comfortable, Fugly’s Guest House in Kitgum, Kitgum Royal Hotel in Gulu, and Acaki Lodge in Acaki are good choices. FILE PHOTO

Two campgrounds are available for tourists to Aruu Falls, one of which has modest accommodations where guests can stay the night or you can pitch a tent and camp for the night, but you shouldn’t anticipate perfect/good service from either one. 

There are many lodging options for visitors to Kitgum and Gulu who are looking for decent and comfortable accommodations. 

Fugly’s Guest House in Kitgum, Kitgum Royal Hotel in Gulu, and Acaki Lodge in Acaki are all good options for visitors in need of decent and comfortable lodging.

A day trip to the Aruu Falls and the neighbouring campgrounds is all that’s needed. If you’re heading to Kidepo Valley National Park or returning from there via Kidepo or Kitgum, be sure to include a detour to see these breathtaking waterfalls in your itinerary.

Try these activities at Aruu Falls

bird watching in uganda (1)
This particular area of Uganda has a lot of bird species

Here are a few activities you can try out at Aruu Falls. Aruu falls aren’t just about the falls, there are plenty of other things to do here, such as:

  1. Bird watching: This particular part of Uganda is blessed with quite many bird species. Some of these include the African wagtail, Egyptian goose, Eastern Gray plantain eater, and so many others you’ll discover. Reaching this location is an adventure in and of itself, so it’s perfect for thrill-seekers. Aruu falls is a must-see destination.
  2. Camping: For outdoor lovers looking to explore the beauty of a night under the open sky, you need to try out camping in this area. To make it more enjoyable, you can have picnics, bonfires, completions, swimming, and hunting, whatever makes your day.
  3. Photography: Nothing retells a story like a picture taken. Aruu waterfalls offer the perfect spot for visitors to take breathtaking photos and videos of their fun time at the site. The waterfalls create the perfect background for photos.
  4. Nature walks: Guided mostly by locals in the area, you can enjoy a tour of the area as you relax, stretch those muscles, and take in the beautiful scenery mother nature has to offer.
  5. Community walks: Aside from swimming, bird watching, and taking amazing photographs behind the falls, visitors can enjoy visiting the neighbourhoods of the Langis and Acholis. Those willing to participate can become one with the locals, learn a little of their language, 
  6. Primate viewing: Have you heard of the vervet monkey? If not, you should see some here. Due to the nature of the area which is mostly forest, it’s home to the famous vervet monkeys and you can see them. You can also use this opportunity to support the villages and their projects.

Transport to Aruu falls

You’ll need a 4WD vehicle to reach the falls if you plan on driving there since the road is narrow and prone to becoming slick, especially during heavy rain, this is a problem. 

Entrance fees are required for visitors to the Aruu Falls National Park

Adult visitors from outside Uganda are charged about UGX. 20,000 =$ 06 in fees. Adults from East Africa and Uganda are charged 10,000 Ugandan shillings (UGX. 10,000). 

The 7-kilometre Aruu Falls are accessible via Boda Bodas (motorbike taxis) for a fee ranging from UGX 6000-7000 from the main road. 

You may find guides and escorts for the falls at the campground, and they’re always happy to welcome you and show you around for a memorable experience.