Besigye arrest Bobi wine muntu around Kireka-Banda, along Jinja road
Besigye around Kireka-Banda, along Jinja road

Gen Muntu, Bobi Wine speaks out following Police violent arrest of Dr Kizza Besigye

Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, founder Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), like Bobi Wine have condemned the violent means exhibited by Police while arresting Kizza Besigye, leader People’s Government, former FDC President, and the four-time presidential candidate, earlier on Monday 4, 2019.

Analysing the event via his Twitter handle, Muntu said that what happened to Besigye early Monday was a continuation of government’s refusal to recognise the folly of limiting civic space in the country.

He says no matter what happens to the opposition, they will not stop fighting for change in Uganda.

“Human beings will always seek to be free and any efforts against those pointing to a problem does not take it away. No amount of tear gas or pepper spray will change our need for change. The Alliance for National Transformation stands with our brothers and sisters in FDC, and everyone in the country pushing for change. We shall overcome.”

Ssemijju Nganda, FDC Spokesperson on Tuesday said that the high pressured water sprinkled, on Besigye was done on purpose, simply to cause harm on Besigye.

“The high pressured water from the truck was deliberately directed at FDC founding President Col. Dr Kizza Besigye. The cannon threw Dr Besigye against the roof of his vehicle and nearly tipped him off by the leg.”

Just like Muntu, the Kyadondo East legislator aka Bobi Wine the People Power leader has condemned Dr Besigye’s brutal arrest by Police that happened Monday morning via his twitter handle.

“I condemn in the strongest terms, this savage, cruel and brutal treatment of Dr @kizzabesogye1 by the Uganda Police. It is totally unacceptable for political leaders to continue being treated in this manner, by the Museveni regime. This impunity has to end. Totally unacceptable.”

The swift turn of the event follows a 2- day leadership summit arranged by FDC Party leaders intended to lay down strategies for the 2021 General Elections.

FDC Secretary for Mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe said that the meeting was scheduled to take place at Namboole National Stadium parking yard, close to Stadium’s main entrance.

But their arrangements were foiled, after Police blocked the entrance of anyone into the Stadium, early Monday morning.

This, in turn, prompted FDC leaders that include; Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, FDC Party spokesperson, Ingrid Turinawe, FDC’s Secretary for Mobilisation, FDC Party President, Patrick Amuriat and Dr Besigye to turn back and hold their meeting at the Party’s headquarters.

In a procession, FDC leaders began their journey heading back to Najjanankumbi. However, along the way at Banda market along Jinja Road, Police intercepted their movement and fired teargas to scatter the crowds.

Besigye was then ordered to get out of his car, but he refused and instead locked himself inside the car. A truck was the brought to tow Besigye’s vehicle, but all efforts were in vain, the police chain failed and snapped two times.

Luckily, Besigye’s driver managed to escape and drove away. But Police did not give up, it ran after Besigye’s car which they found stack in a heavy traffic jam, at Spear-Motors Nakawa junction.

Police struck Besigye’s car windscreen and began spraying teargas inside the vehicle, that includes firing him with water cannons explosions.

Besigye who tried to resist the acts against him, after a short while became helpless, whereby he almost fell onto the ground from his car. Police then pushed him out of his car, a Toyota Land Cruiser and arrested him.

He was driven to Nagalama Police Station and detained for a few hours. and then released at 10 pm after being charged with unlawful assembly and inciting violence.

According to Police, Besigye and his supporters paid a deaf ear to their orders, only to cause inconveniences’ to other people’s businesses.

Police claim Besigye defied their orders, after packing his vehicle in the middle of the road, blocking other road users.

“FDC informed us about the intended celebration and we wrote back to them advising that they should shift the venue, but they ignored our directives,” Police statement indicated.

However, Dr Besigye denied the accusations, saying it was instead Police who actually blocked his way.