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Nyama Choma, a local term for goat meat, is loved in Kampala, Uganda. Currently, the number of joints for goat meat in Kampala is on the rise with each passing day. 

Previously, pork meat was on top of the most liked meat in Uganda but things have since changed. Three years ago Uganda was named the biggest pork-consumption nation in Africa

Today, eating goat meat is a new trend that is growing. It’s common to see goat meat joints flooded with customers every evening and weekend around Kampala. 

Right here in this article, you will find a list of the best joints of goat meat in Kampala.

Bamboo Goats Meat – Mawanda Road

Located on 109a Mawanda Rd, Kampala, it’s one of the best goat meat joints around. The joint has a nice location just by the roadside and the structure is in a nice, secluded area. 

Little green bamboo trees surround the place making it look like some kind of oasis. It’s the best place to eat goat meat without interruptions or distractions from moving cars and people.

Their menu includes goat meat, of course, pilao, fried chicken, chips, pizza, samosas, salads, kebabs, and all kinds of drinks.

Rates for food are affordable, cleanliness is top notch and the waiters are friendly.

Muchomo House Nkrumah

kampala goat meat nyama choma

At the Muchomo House Nkrumah, goat meat is prepared in a variety of ways. It can either be roasted, or pan-fried, and customers can order it whichever way they prefer.  

Their goats meat is prepared with soup, served along with either posho, chapatti, or matooke. On the side is usually “kachumbari “- a mixture of onions and tomatoes that are finely chopped. They add to the flavor of goat meat.

This goat meat joint serves a variety of drinks like sodas, beers, wine, and a local drink known as, “bushera”. A plate at this joint is as cheap as UGX14,000 depending on how much you want.

Good Choice Restaurant (Halal Certified)

This restaurant has so much on its menu that customers can order but most especially their goat meat. 

Located right in the heart of Ntinda, Good Choice Restaurant is the to-go place for a snack, delicious goat’s meat, Indian cuisine and so much more.

The best thing about them is that their prices are very affordable. A plate of food costs around UGX 15,000 going upwards.

The parking space is a little limited so it’s best to keep that in mind. Other areas such as customer care and cleanliness are above 80%.

Choma Zone, Spring Road

Choma Zone best kampala goat meat

Although not for individuals of high status, this is a great goat meat restaurant in Kampala. A fascinating man who goes by the name of Jere oversees it. He guarantees the delivery of high-caliber service. 

In the Choma Zone, you can have nyama choma (roasted goat meat), fried beef or goat without any additional seasonings, and other regional fare.

The seating area is fairly comfortable though not well decorated. If you can overlook this, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best goat meats in town.

There are plenty of smiling waiters and waitresses available to provide you with excellent service.

Mbuzi, Gayaza road

Ku-Mbuzi means goat meat place. Due to its excellent grilled and roasted goat meat, Ku-Mbuzi has developed a sizable audience. If you didn’t visit this pork joint during its early days, then you missed out.

It is located in Nakawa Division along Gayaza Road at the intersection going to Kyanja ascending to Kisaasi and Ntinda Trading Centers.

This place used to be one of the best goat meat joints in Kampala, but the fire has died down a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit most people. 

The air in this area was always painted grey-white by billows of smoke rising from the burners where the delicacy is cooked. The cooks would always wear white aprons that matched the smoke rising from the stoves.

Today it’s still operational, and indeed one can order goat meat. However, the crowds aren’t as many as they used to be because many vendors have left. 

Vendors claim that a kilogram, which costs Shs 25,000, has eight huge pieces, but if you aren’t present in the moment, you will only discover six pieces.

The meat is served with roasted fresh matooke fingers or cooked cassava, avocado, or kachumbari. It can also be made saucy and spicy upon request.

The Meat Guy

Meat Guy is a nice place to hang out and taste not just goat meat but a variety of other nicely cooked meats such as chicken and pork.

It’s the right place to cure all your meat cravings. One thing about them is that their meat is very well-spiced and it’s evident in how good it tastes.

The joint pulls a large crowd over the weekend because of its good food. It’s a place where people who know each other well meet to eat and catch up. 

In case this is going to be your first time visiting, we recommend upgrading your social skills especially if you intend to go by yourself.

Otherwise, the meat guy serves delicious meat, alongside other foods like pizzas, barbecue chicken, pork skewers, and cold beers.

Makutano Bar & Grill

The best goat meat joint on Ggaba road is this one. It’s best to go on an empty stomach when going to Makutano Bar & Grill. Their goat’s meat choices are irresistible. The presentation is very attractive with each food type served in its section on one huge platter.

The goat menu includes wet fried goat meat with posho, roasted goat with chips, Goat Nyama Choma, quarter goat meat and pilawo, and goat fried meat and chapati. They also prepare chicken and fish as an alternative.

They are good. If you want to see value for money, visit this goat meat joint on Ggaba road. You won’t regret it.


Anyone looking for a taste of the best goat meat in Kampala must check out the goat meat joints we’ve shared. More so if you’re on a budget and are looking to eat goat meat that’s affordable in Kampala, you’re sorted. 

Just drive to those joints, order the cooked version or buy freshly cut pieces that you can prepare from home.