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This article will give you a better understanding of Kabalagala nightlife, such as clubs and bars.

Looking for the best bars and clubs in Kabalagala to enjoy a good night out? If so, then you have come to the right place.

The suburb of Kabalagala is located in KampalaUganda’s capital city. And the word “Kabalagala” is derived from a native pancake dish prepared with sweet bananas, cassava flour, and regional peppers. 

When drivers were waiting to turn right or left at a junction, hawkers selling this type of cuisine would approach them and shout “Kabalagala.” 

Nevertheless, the area’s original name was “Kisugu,” which is currently only used to refer to the more affluent residential neighborhood located further north and east of the commercial center.

In this article, you can learn more about nightlife in Kabalagala, including clubs and bars.

Capital Pub Kabalagala

capital pub kabalagala

The owner of Capital Pub is a Swiss immigrant. Most bars and clubs in the neighborhood have these features; (a) lots of girls (b) pool tables (c) satellite TV (d) and loud music. 

You can find all these four and more at Capital Pub. It’s a bar with a tree in the middle and a structure that resembles a barn.

Even if you want to arrive alone, Capital Pub Kabalagala guarantees that you will make friends. There are bouncers around to ensure security and maintain order, and the locals are straightforward and kind.

The Capital Pub in Kabalagala offers a variety of entertainment, including dancing and music played by a DJ. Take advantage of the disco every day of the week.

Lucy’s Bar

Lucy’s Bar is a small, shack-like building across the street from Capital Pub. It doesn’t look as new or nice probably because it hasn’t been touched up in a while.

 Northern Ugandans enjoy frequenting the bar. It is, however, a very interesting area to sit and grab a drink or even observe the comings and goings of nearby slum dwellers.

 This bar is so close to the major road into the slums. A few of the common beers are available and spirits as well. It’s an excellent bar to relax and enjoy Kabalagala.

Al’s Bar

Al’s Bar is located on Ggaba Road in the opposite direction, towards Kansanga and Ggaba.

Except for having no DSTV and playing mostly rock music, Al’s follows the same formula as other bars. There are women (and men) a pool table, food, and drinks.

 When other businesses in Kampala city have closed by midnight, Al’s is a highly busy spot. It is frequently busy between 3 AM and 6 AM, especially on weekends.

If you’re in Kampala and prefer a more catchy bar that’s open till late, you should back out of Al’s bar.

3 Monkeys Bar & Grill

One of the busiest bars near Kabalagala, 3 Monkeys Bar & Grill is located on Muyenga Road, Kampala.

It’s a good spot for after-work drinks, chatting and drinking, hanging out with mates, and going for date night with your loved one.

Some of the notable services provided include delicious food & drinks, wine & spirits, great music, and a great venue for private parties.

They have a well-stocked bar that caters to everyone’s taste. Customers can seat at the counter and order drinks or seat in a larger seating area inside the bar. 

More seats are available outside for people who prefer drinking with the cold evening breeze blowing through them.

Hidden Agenda Bar & Restaurant

It’s a bar located next to the Shell Bus Stop, on Ggaba Road.

Inside is a dine-in area where customers can order food or takeaway. 

Unlike most bars and clubs on this list, this one is more laid back. Party people that prefer loud music and good crowds may feel a bit limited here. It’s a good place for those that want to have drinks in a calm place with not so many people.

There’s a seating area both inside and outside. Most drinks are available with standby waiters and waitresses to serve.


For a long time now, Kabalagala has been frequented mostly by tourists and others who enjoy the area’s nightlife. Truthfully speaking, Kabalagala is an area in Kampala with an abundance of eating and drinking spots.

 And, it’s also well known as an area where prostitution is still widely practiced, even though it is forbidden in Uganda.

 A good number of bars also closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. They included De Posh Bar, My Chuchi Bar, Club Venom, and a whole lot of others.

 Still, it offers some of the best that have stood the test of time. Just keep in mind that when you visit Kabalagala’s bars and nightclubs, there’s so much you can expect to find out.