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best wedding gardens in Kampala Uganda
Nsambya gardens

This best wedding gardens list in Kampala, Uganda will give you a sense of relief because it will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

If there’s one thing we can all agree to, it’s that you can’t forego having a wedding venue, yes? Think about it, you can choose not to wear the uniform white gown for the bride and tuxedo for the groom, yes? 

But, can you have a wedding without a venue? Absolutely not! So assuming you’ve decided that you prefer your wedding venue in the outdoors. 

This means you’ll have to find the best wedding garden. Garden weddings are popular for their laid-back atmosphere and, with careful planning, you can have the most gorgeous ceremony.

Let’s take that pressure off your shoulders by sharing with you this list of the top 14 wedding gardens in Kampala, Uganda so that you can find peace of mind. 

Kampala Sheraton Hotel

This majestic structure, perched atop Nakasero hill and overlooking Kampala’s downtown, protects the calm and sanity of the area’s core city center.

The Sheraton welcomes visitors with a calm atmosphere and lovely gardens that are ideal for a wedding ceremony or celebration. 

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It can accommodate over 1000 guests in its gardens, making it a classic in the best wedding gardens in Kampala, Uganda.

Address: Ternan Avenue Nile Avenue, Kampala.

Seven Trees Gardens Kololo

So many weddings and introductions in Kampala have been hosted at Seven Trees Gardens Kololo. 

Only an eight minute and 3-km drive from Kampala city center and you’re there! It’s liked by so many people, a reason we considered it among the best wedding gardens in Kampala Uganda.

Seven Trees is a major priority even if they are expensive (11m), given their advantageous position. Seven trees gardens, which are in Kololo, the heart of Kampala, are highly sought after by many couples and business partners. Why? 

It’s because it comes with a freeform stretch tent, tables and chairs, String Lights, Music, PA System with a DJ, 2 dressing rooms, 2 fully serviced washrooms, and, Maintenance Staff. 

They also provide an automatic generator for emergencies.

The bride and groom are given have a bridal suite and Wifi internet, plus onsite accommodations for guests.

Address: 12 Coral Cres, Kampala.

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

munyonyo commonwealth resort wedding packages

Right on the Lake Victoria shoreline in Munyonyo is where the resort is set. It is well known for its stunning tropical gardens, towering palm trees, and stunning rainforest. 

It also has a lakeside that creates the ideal backdrop for your special day.

As you begin your married life, exchange your vows on the tastefully landscaped grounds, surrounded by nature and luxurious tropical living. Your wedding will be unforgettable.

Address: 1047, 1049 Wavamunno Rd, Kampala

The Estate, Bwerenga

The Estate is situated on the Kampala-Entebbe road just 27 kilometers from Kampala town.

 It features over ten perfectly well-maintained gardens and a private beach. The gardens are enveloped by Lake Victoria and green forest cover. It’s one of the best, yet affordable places where you can hold your reception. 

Customers can choose from the estate’s packages which include 5 eco-lodge rooms, a swimming pool, a wardrobe, and a private bathroom. There are toiletries in each hotel room among other amenities. 

The lake view from each hotel room is probably among some of the best offers you’ll find. You can also see monkeys and a few different bird species from there. Additionally, each guest room at the hotel has a seating area.

They have wedding packages that include food and beverages just in case. Even still, customers are allowed to carry their food and drinks and only pay for the location.

Address: 4GMX+VH4, Bwerenga Rd, Entebbe.

Kevina Gardens Kyanja

Over 200 of your guests can enjoy the modest, cozy, and lush green grounds at Kevina Gardens. It’s situated along the Kisaasi-Kyanja route. 

It is your safe refuge for all things related to gardens. It has a bar and restaurant that serves beautiful food and drinks of your choice.

You are also allowed to provide your catering if you so wish. And, with Kevina gardens, you don’t have to worry about parking. They have it in plenty.

Address: Kampala.

Lily gardens

Lily Gardens is one of the best wedding gardens in Kampala Uganda. It’s located in Kyanja. Just a short distance from the Kyanja Trading Center on one side and the Gayaza Road at one of the most well-known intersections called Kumbuzi. 

It is very suitable for most wedding ceremonies because of it’s peaceful setting. Lily gardens has plenty of parking and is surrounded by greenery.

Address: Kisaasi – Kyanja Rd, Kampala.

La Jolla Gardens

On the outskirts of Kampala, there is yet another fantastic outdoor location with beautifully designed gardens. It is ideal for your wedding ceremony. 

It has a bar, a restaurant, and lots of parking. It’s none other than La Jolla Gardens.

With space for more than 500 guests, you may comfortably host both the ceremony and reception in the same location. It is easily accessible and situated along the Bukoto-Kisaasi road.

Address: Kampala.

MTAC Gardens

For wedding functions, MTAC Gardens offer a practical, economical, and opulently large venue. In Nakawa, the MTAC is situated on Jinja Road just before Spear Motors. 

The gardens boast beautiful grass, spacious grounds, and a rich green canopy of trees. Guests can also enjoy a hilltop view.

These gardens are ideal for couples who want to get married close to the city center yet outside of the commercial area.

Address: Jinja Road Nakawa-Kampala.

The Uganda Museum

After Mulago referral hospital in Kampala, Uganda, you will find the Uganda Museum at Plot 5 Old Kira Road Kitante.

 It shows and exhibits collections of Uganda’s traditional life, natural history, and ethnology. It was established in 1908. This followed Governor George Wilson’s order to acquire “all things of interest” in Uganda.

Over a thousand people can fit in its large, open space.

Address: after Mulago Referral Hospital, Plot 5 Old Kira Road, Kitante Cl, Kampala.

Mutungo Hill Residence

Are you in search of a luxurious residence? Specifically one with a lush garden that may serve as a wedding reception? Mutungo Hill Residence location is the ideal place. 

This is one of the best wedding gardens in Kampala, Uganda that you’ll come across. The Uphill wedding home is situated on more than 3 acres of property.

It may be reached by car in 10 minutes from Kampala’s center. Your guests will have an ambient experience because of the peaceful and private setting.

The grounds have enough room for parking and serving. They can accommodate up to 100 visitors.

Your breath will be taken away by the breathtaking views of the River Nile from this residence. Additionally, the lavish interiors create a magical, fairytale atmosphere.

Greenfield Gardens Kanyanya

greenfield gardens kanyanya

Do you need a planned, reasonably priced location to have your wedding reception? Perhaps an okuhingira or okwanjura?

Only 2 kilometers along Gayaza Road, Greenfield Gardens Kanyanya offers you a large green-garden venue. Plus, an inside banquet hall at reasonable prices.

To the delight of your visitors, they prepare for you a selection of scrumptious meals (both traditional buffet and continental food).

Amazingly, their wedding reception packages, known as Okuhingira/Okwanjura, start at just Shs. 30,000 per person. This is all-inclusive of meals and free soft drinks.

Address: Kampala.

Akamwesi Gardens Kyebando

Akamwesi Gardens Kyebando

Just one km from the Kalwere Market roundabout is where you’ll find Akamwesi Gardens in Kyebando. They are equally as spacious and lush as most of the gardens on this list. 

Their outdoor grounds are stunning, with plenty of parking, a nearby mall, and easy access to the main road.

The site can accommodate more than 1000 guests, making weddings there always special.

Address: Kakungulu Rd, Zone.

Canary gardens

Amid luxuriant blooms, sweeping foliage, and more, you may celebrate any occasion at Canary Gardens. The gardens’ organic decorations and distinctive landscape make it simple for you to plan the ideal wedding.

It is possible to hold the ceremony and reception in the same location without any issues. Guests are usually advised to take a moment, pause, and smell the roses at Canary Gardens. 

This is because such beauty is deserving of appreciation and you deserve to be graced by its presence.

Address: Kisaasi – Kyanja Rd, Kampala.

Nsambya gardens

Nsambya Gardens Banquet Hall in Kampala (1)

Nsambya Gardens in Kampala is a great location for weddings and gatherings. It’s safely secluded away from the bustling urban city noise that can sometimes be disruptive. 

Located in the idyllic Nsambya landscape with breathtaking views of Kampala city and the rugged seven hills, this Nsambya Gardens is the perfect getaway.

Mention all the amenities you want in a place and Nsambya gardens has them. They have plenty of parking and washrooms that are exceptionally clean. You won’t regret hiring their gardens for your wedding.

Address: Kampala.


It’s exciting and cool to hold your reception amid lush vegetation. When the cool air comes, it gives you the chance to enjoy the greenery. It also creates a cool environment that your guests can enjoy. 

With the best wedding gardens in Kampala, Uganda at your fingertips, we trust you’ll only be spoilt for choice on what gardens you’ll select as the venue for your wedding.