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Betty Nambooze worried about the mistreatment of Ugandans in the Middle East

The Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke, commonly known as Betty Nambooze has raised worries about the mistreatment of young girls who are exported to Arab countries for work.

“My intentions are not to fight agencies that are struggling to bridge the employment gap in the country, but there should be standard procedures that the companies should follow to connect people to foreign countries,” Hon Nambooze said in a statement.

According to Betty Nambooze, the relatives of the 23 Jordan returnees broke down in tears on seeing the state their daughters were in.

Nambooze also stated that some of them were taken off the plane in wheelchairs with broken limbs, scars and bruises all over their faces.

“Some of these girls might even die if they don’t get better treatment. Some of them mentioned that when they got minor illnesses, they were given medicine which made them unconscious and on waking up, they realised that they had been cut on the stomach,”she said.

“Am suspicious that could be the move to remove some of their body organs,” she added.

In addition, Nambooze claimed that Doreen Magezi, one of the victims from Namanve in Mukono requested her to help them return home.

According to Nambooze, when those girls begged for their return, they were told to pay US dollars 3000 (Shs11,134,500) for their freedom.

In the wake of claims, Ms Ruth Tukahiirwa Karungi, the Director of Marphie International Recruitment Agency has denied allegations of trafficking and selling Ugandans to these Arabic countries stating that Nambooze should produce evidence for clear proof.

“Let her reveal the other victims, why is she mentioning only one person and can’t reveal where these girls are being treated from,” Karungi said.

“We are helping the government with the problem of unemployment, the girls we take earn. So we should appreciate president Museveni for signing these bilateral agreements,” Karungi added.

Meanwhile, Nambooze stated that this is state-sponsored slavery of Ugandans.

About Betty Nambooze

Betty Nambooze Bakireke is a Ugandan reporter and politician, widely known as Betty Nambooze. She serves as a Member of Parliament in Mukono District, representing the Municipality of Mukono.

She was born in Mukono District on July 13, 1969. She attended Mukono Senior Secondary School, graduating in 1986.

By John Dalton Kigozi