MTN and Airtel Reduce Mobile Money charges (2019)
MTN and Airtel Reduce Mobile Money charges (2019)

Uganda’s leading mobile networks, MTN and Airtel have reduced their mobile money sending rates by more than 50% depending on the amount of money each customer will be sending.

Although both networks have reduced the money sending rates under their new promotions, all other charges have been maintained.

With these improved charges, it means now that mobile money transactions are becoming increasingly convenient for people to send money from one source to another.

But who’s offering the best mobile money charges (sending rates?)

For anyone sending an amount in the range of Shs500-2500, MTN Mobile Money charges him or her Shs50 while for the same range, Airtel charges Shs100.

MTN Uganda Reduce Mobile Money charges (2019)
MTN Uganda Reduce Mobile Money rates (2019)
Airtel Reduce Mobile Money charges (2019)
Airtel Reduce Mobile Money rates (2019)

MTN and Airtel charge the same fee of Shs100 for a transaction between Shs2500 and 5000.

Meanwhile, between Shs5001- 60,000, both networks charge Shs500 and then Shs1000 for anything above.

Appropriately, the sending charges for both networks don’t vary although with MTN one can send up to Shs7 million while with Airtel, the maximum is Shs5 million.

However, under the non-promotional rates of both networks, MTN Mobile Money is more expensive than Airtel Money when sending large amounts of money.

By John Dalton Kigozi