Big Tril song Parte after Parte
Here’s everything you need to know Behind The Making Of Big Tril’s Parte after Parte. Photo/Twitter

Here’s everything you need to know Behind The Making Of Big Tril’s Parte after Parte hit song

Singer Big Tril real names Rowland Kaiza found fame after his song Parte after Parte becoming Kampala’s latest catchphrase.

According to Big Tril Parte after Parte came to be a song after him seeing a video clip of Pastor Martin Sempa complaining about how Ugandan youths like to “party after party”.

Though this song was used as the official Nyege Nyege festival theme in 2019, tastes and preferences still differ, therefore some people had a negative attitude towards Big Tril’s hit song

This was evidenced when some people decided to say that Big Tril only got lucky for his club banger to attract most people’s attention and interest in it, never the less someone went ahead to tweet.

“Maybe in 2020 we can talk about how big tril got lucky and stop with the how hard he worked fake deep talk…,” @Revnickk

So based on those claims by these kinds of people Big Tril breaks the silence and responds to them through his Twitter page informing them of how he sacrificed and taught himself music production.

“I sacrificed three years of my life, taught myself music production, perfected my craft, prayed and spent countless hours in the studio and finally paid off. Instead of talking about me please go concentrate on your craft too. We create our luck,” Big Tril Tweeted in reply to th

Singer Big Tril real names
Martin Sempa inspired me to make Parte after Parte which was Uganda’s best song of the year 2019.

Way back in an interview, Big Tril narrated how he struggled to become popular in the entertainment industry of Uganda.

“I started with battle rapping. This is what we called underground rap. We were always at Makerere University, Club Rouge and Nana hostel. It was during one of those rap sessions that I hooked up with GNL Zamba (GNL popularized Lugaflo before relocating to the USA), who signed me

“I added a lot of things. It sounds easy but it took a lot of time and resources. Parte after Parte is not the only song I have and possibly not the last. We have a lot of music in Uganda, but most of the time we don’t have anthems…. Children are singing parte after parte after p

Big Tril has now made over a decade in the music industry of Uganda and apart from parte after parte, he has other songs like Bad Gyal Ting, Wangi, Batuwulira featuring Fille Mutoni, pretty colours, Goddam featuring Beenie Gunter, Inside Outside, Pretty girls, Push harder, Awo among others

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