Bobi Wine Says That US Sanctions
Bobi Wine says that US sanctions prove that the 2021 January elections were rigged. PHOTO/TWITTER.

President of National Unity Platform Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine said US sanctions against Uganda are proof that the January election was not free and fair.

The National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has said the US sanctions on the Ugandan government are proof that the January presidential elections were not free and fair.

The US government on Friday through its secretary of State, Antony John Blinken announced sanctions against some Ugandan officials over violent and undemocratic scenes witnessed before, during and after the January general elections.

The US, in particular, cited top opposition candidates Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and FDC’s Patrick Oboi Amuriat who were always denied the chance to exercise their human rights.

“Today I am announcing visa restrictions on those believed to be responsible for or complicit in undermining the democratic processes in Uganda, including the country’s January,14 general election and the campaign period that preceded it,” the US statement read.

It added: “The government of Uganda must significantly improve its record and hold accountable those responsible for the flawed election conduct, violence and intimidation. The US government will continue to evaluate additional actions against individuals complicit in undermining democracy and human rights in Uganda as well as their immediate family members.”

However, in a statement via his Facebook page, Kyagulanyi defended the sanctions saying that they provide proof that the January polls were rigged.

He said although President Museveni boasts of controlling all Ugandan institutions, the sanctions are evidence that the world entirely is monitoring his actions and soon will be held accountable.

“The statement by the United States is an important recognition that the recent elections were not fee and fair. It sends an unequivocal message that although Gen Museveni boasts of controlling all Ugandan institutions that would call him to account, the world is watching is watching and is beginning to act,” Kyagulanyi said.

“The people of Uganda value their relationship with the global community and appreciate the concern shown by the United State on the deteriorating situation regarding human rights and civil liberties. It is our hope tha other nations of the world will follow suit and support the people of Uganda in our quest for freedom and democracy,” he added.

This, however, comes at a time when the Ugandan government has since responded to the sanctions insisting that the US government was misinformed by reports from local media.