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Brother Ronnie Makabai oversees the Holy City Entebbe, which is located in Entebbe, Kawuku Bwerenga Uganda.

Who is Brother Ronnie Makabai? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, wife, age, church ministry, preaching, prayers, family and relationship with Priya, Evangelical Trust Ministries (ETM), The Ark TV and Christ FM, early life and education of the overseer of the Holy City Entebbe.

Brother Ronnie Makabai is the general overseer of the Holy City Entebbe, a church-based in Entebbe, Kawuku Bwerenga Uganda. 

He’s the CEO of a television and radio station in Uganda. These include; The Ark TV and Christ FM.

Church Ministry

Brother Ronnie Makabai began the church ministry on 22nd May 2006. The church was first called Holy City Salama along Munyonyo road, before it transformed into Holy City Entebbe on the 28th May 2017. 

However, at the start of the ministry, the church was called Evangelical Trust Ministries (ETM) before renaming The Holy City.

He has mentored and fathered many in the ministry, a role model and source of hope to many believers.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you, I ordained you as a prophet to the nations”. Is the foundation of Bro Ronnie’s ministry?

He is known for His Prophetic Revelations, healing and deliverance whenever and wherever he ministers. Bro Ronnie is a very humble and modest man.


Brother Ronnie Makabai is a family man. He’s married to Priya Ronnie and together they have a son. He narrates that he did not want to marry because of the busy schedule he had, spending a lot of time fasting and in seclusion because of the ministry.

However, in 2010, as his ministry grew bigger, many believers began asking him to marry. 

At this particular time, God spoke to him in a dream, instructing him to find a wife, but he ignored the voice of the Lord and instead began advising his close allies to get married.

Again in March 2012, God’s voice returned to Bro Ronnie saying he must marry by the end of that year. But he neglected it once again, not until he received a vision from God. 

The vision clearly described his wife’s name, country and her physical appearance.

So in July 2012, Bro Ronnie travelled to India to find his wife as the Lord had spoken to him. He exactly went to the church he saw in him dream, surprisingly, he was welcomed by the woman God instructed him to marry.

Priya’s parents accepted him, and got engaged. Indians are discriminative by nature, they’re not comfortable with other races, but luckily Bro. Ronnie was never discriminated, he received acceptance from Priya’s family.

After their engagement ceremony in India, he returned to Uganda and later his wife travelled to Uganda too and both of them got married in August 2012. 

Ronnie and Priya are happily married with a son. 

Brother Ronnie and his wife Priya are both preachers, and they spend their free time reading the bible. 

They used to travel but as time went on, they chose to spend their leisure time in their house, he refers to as a palace, taking tea because his spirit wasn’t comfortable with some hotels, and they used to lodge in.

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Brother Ronnie and his wife Priya are both preachers. PHOTO/COURTESY


Bro Ronnie Makabai in 2017 got rejected by fellow pastors who subscribe to the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC), the Born-Again Faith Federation (BAFFE), Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU), The Born-Again Faith Federation, and Miracle Centre Cathedrals (MCC). 

They signed a petition denouncing Bro Ronnie claiming he’s a cult preacher. 

In response, Bro Ronnie cursed the pastors who led the campaign denouncing him, saying God will punish his tormentors. 

The cursed pastors included Pr. Senyonga of Christian Life Church, Pr. Imelda Namutebi Kula of Liberty Worship Centre, Pr. Joseph Serwadda of Victory Christian Centre, Pr. Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Church, Simeon Kayiwa of Namirembe Christian Fellowship, John Bunjo, John Mulinde, Isaac Kiweweesi of Kasanga Miracle Centre, David Kiganda of Christianity Focus Centre and Alex Mitala

In another set of controversy, Bro Ronnie was accused of blackmail, fake miracles and fraud, by Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga in a press briefing he held at Christian Life Church based in Makerere Kavule.