Bryan white biography
Who is Bryan white?

Today, Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, net worth, wife, foundation, cars, and the house of Brian Kirumira.

Who is Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White: Socialites who splash money first rocked Uganda’s scene when a then young tycoon known as Mike Ezra came on the scene from know where in 2003 with a concept of splashing money to the general public. 

He was later followed by Meddie Sentongo, Bad Black, Jack Pemba and the Late Ivan Ssemwanga

The social scene was hit by another young tycoon known as Bryan White in 2017 when he started splashing money like how his predecessors were doing and he made a name out of it. 

He elevated it to the next level when he opened up an organization known as Bryan White Foundation that could help out the youth and motivating the youth through providing capital in form money and according to him he has impacted a lot of the youths. 

He was different from the previous socialites because he could move in a convoy with a lead car in front and his security was being manned by SFCs which made people think that he is a special friend to the president and could be playing a special role for him. 

All that said and done the question withstands who is Bryan White and we are here to answer the question.

Brian White Mowzey Radio hospital bills
When the Late Mowzey Radio was in the hospital Brian went and cleared the hospital bills.

Education and Background

Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White was born in 1985 in Mityana town west of Uganda’s capital Kampala. Kirumira is the last born of four children. 

Brian says Sarah Kasumba is the firstborn and lives in Italy followed by Kalule Edward who passed on and he is followed by Kabwama Robinson who is the third born. Brian’s stepbrother from Italian stepfather passed on.

At the age of one Kirumira’s migrated to Italy leaving him behind with his father who was polygamous and irresponsible and no one could take care of Kirumira and his siblings. This made Kirumira and his siblings to start looking after themselves at a tender age. 

Years later Brian and siblings learnt that their mother had been arrested and imprisoned and the hopes of coming back wherein futile a regrettable situation that still haunts Brian up to date.

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At an early age, Kirumira was raised by Leonard Balamaga Mukasa who he thought was his real father but he later learnt that this was just his guardian. Mukasa took care of Brian and his siblings as his children and took them to school until Brian decided to set off for Kampala.

Bryan White Kirumira attended Mityana Public school and Central College Mityana and he also got mentorship and guidance from Mr Mukasa this helped Brian to get business mind. He later joined the family of Enock Henry Kato who mentored him more until he joined the city. 

When Kirumira’s mother left for Italy he got married to an Italian businessman called Claudio who was dealing in real estate. He could buy old houses and renovate them and resell them again. 

Through this business, he generated funds and his business grew bigger but unfortunately Brian learnt that her mother had contracted HIV together with her husband Claudio .they had given birth to a son known as Michael who also passed away later. 

In 1993 Bryan White’s mother had returned to Uganda and Brian got a chance to meet his stepbrother Michael and when she was going back to Italy she took Brian’s elder sister Sarah. Brian’s mother passed away in 1997 and his elder sister took over and it’s when Kirumira joined the business venture.

Bryan-white-foundation ceo
Bryan White Kirumira is the CEO of Bryan White Foundation a nonprofit organization.

How Bryan White became rich

In 2014 Kirumira’s stepfather passed on and he received a call from his elder sister Sarah who asked him to travel to Italy and meet the lawyers of his late stepfather. Brian’s stepfather had left a WILL which showed that he was to be the heir and he was to carry on the family business. 

His step father’s account had quite a lot of savings and it’s from those savings that he picked and brought in Africa to impact the lives of the youth.

Work and Experience 

Bryan White Kirumira is the CEO of Bryan White Foundation a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2015 but launched in 2018 in Mbarara district. 

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The foundation started with icons in the music industry such as chameleon, Radio and Weasel, Big Eye Starboss, King Micheal, Cindy, Tinatinde and comedians like Madrat and Chiko they referred to it as the podium and Brian was interested in transforming their lives and motivating them.

Through this foundation Bryan did a lot of charity work which included making donations in hospitals, helping disabled mothers, helping poor pregnant mothers, paying school fees for the poor children and also capitalizing the youth with well-written proposals. 

Brian travelled to various parts of the country through this foundation claiming that he wanted to transform the lives of youths who were being distracted by politicians.

During the activities, Brian confessed that he was a staunch supporter of President Museveni and he was to ensure that retains power. He directly participated in the Arua by-election in which his supporters could clash with the people power supporters. 

He splashed money directly which made the opposition members of parliament attack him and in various cases, he has been referred to as an agent of the statehouse and he must be getting money from the statehouse according to the opposition MPS.

Brian supported most of the musicians that were on the so-called podium. He provided them with money and also shot for them expensive videos and also supporting their music concerts.

When the Late Moses Radio was in the hospital Brian went and cleared the hospital bills and after his death, he completed the construction of Radio’s house which he was building for his mother in Entebbe Kaga and through his efforts he managed to build a museum for the late that has all his songs achievements and awards.

Brian White meets Capt Mukula
Brian White meets Capt Mukula, pay debts for the cars.


At the peak of Bryan White, a female controversial socialite known as Zari paid a visit at the podium and she spent days there. News started making rounds on social media on how both had started dating and some romantic pictures were put on social of both at the airport when Zari was jetting the plane.

In 2017 White shot a one Bitwire in the shoulder claiming that he trespassing in his premises of Buziga. Bitwire was rushed to Nsambya hospital later taken to IHK for better medical services.

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Bryan White was arrested and taken to courts of law in an attempted murder case and was admitted to Luzira prison. In 2018 the DPP Mike Chibita dropped all the cases against him and he walked a free man.

The worst got to the west in 2019 when Bryan white was arrested for failure to pay debts for the cars he had bought from Capt Mike Mukula. He was taken to CMI headquarters and spent nights there and his homes were searched and his vehicles were pounded. 

Bryan White is beefing with promoter Balaam and there misunderstanding reached state house and he ended up losing his security operatives. The leaked audios had Balaam’s voice commanding the security operatives to arrest the socialite. This increased the rift between the two NRM supporters.

A few months back two ladies came in the media claiming that Brian had raped them and forced them to abort. The two ladies were Stella Nandawula and Vivian and both were employees of Brian white foundation but Stella later came out and she said that she was forced to record and release the video. 

Bryan-White-is sick, A Pass visit him
Bryan white is sick and videos making rounds on media show him on oxygen.

Brian White was summoned by the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights but he didn’t appear before the committee. Brian later attacked Balaam saying that he was behind all these allegations and he was trying to put him down.

Health life 

Currently Bryan white is sick and videos making rounds on media show him on oxygen and according to some exclusive interviews, Brian says the mafias in the government want to kill him and some reports say that he was poisoned and he has not received any support from the president who with all his heart.

Last week Bad Black visited him and days later after her visit she came out and said that Brian wasn’t sick but he had run out money and she advised him to get off the bed and look for money again.