Sugarcanes out growers insist on exporting their canes to Kenya
Sugarcanes out growers insist on exporting their canes to Kenya

Sugarcanes out growers in Busoga sub-region insist on exporting their canes to Kenya.

Busoga sub-region sugarcane out growers said they will sell their excess sugarcanes to Kenya as long as Kenya is willing to buy at favourable rates.

The growers said that the local millers cannot consume the available sugarcanes in the region because they are in excess, and Kenya is willing to offer better prices.

“Why not sell our canes to Kenya because they are offering higher prices than Uganda,” Mugabira Michael sugarcane out grower, Busoga sub-region.

While another out grower Ngobi Taaka said that Ugandans millers cannot take up all the raw sugar they produce.

“Kenya is offering a reasonable price that’s 150 thousand shillings per tan and the local millers here are now giving us 120 shillings. And even if the local millers were giving us 160 thousand the fact is they cannot consume what we are producing.”

The State Minister for Cooperatives, Fredrick Gume says the move to export raw sugarcanes to Kenya is sabotage to Uganda’s economic development.

“When you grow canes to add value to it, you produce sugar. In the process of producing sugar from canes you are creating job opportunities, at the time of processing, that’s opportunities of jobs, when you finish manufacturing of sugar that’s also an opportunity so that’s a chain of jobs,” Gume said.

“Now if we allow the raw materials to be taken outside, we shall lose out on this,” Gume added.

“I say no we are exporting excess sugarcanes that cannot be consumed by the installed capacity of the five mills that serve Busoga,” Taaka insisted.