Bobi Wine receives an International Humanitarian award
Bobi Wine receives an International Humanitarian award

Bobi Wine wins a prestigious International Humanitarian award in the US, dedicates it to Ugandan Human Rights activists.

People Power leader, singer, and Kyadondo East Legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, won a Peace and Human Rights Award at the International Humanitarian Summit 2019 held in the United States of America (USA), Chicago State.

Bobi Wine won the International Humanitarian award after attending the summit held every year by Martin Luther King Jr’s former associate, Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The summit was attended by various diplomats including Martin Luther King’s associate Rev. Jesse Jackson, Joe Biden former US president, president Barrack Obama’s Vice President (2009-2017), US 2020 presidential candidates among others.

Speaking after receiving his International Humanitarian award on Tuesday, Bobi Wine dedicated his award to Ugandan Human Rights activists.

He said that the award has given him the courage to work hard until Uganda is free from oppression and dictatorship exercised by the current leaders.

“I dedicate this award to the men, women and children of Uganda who have paid the ultimate price in our struggles for democracy. Those are the true heroes of our nation. this recognition only encourages us to work even more until our country is truly free from oppression, suppression and exploitation,” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi Wine added that he grew up in Uganda’s slums were many faces injustice, and it’s from there that he developed the urge to fight for freedom for those under oppression in Uganda.

“I am not an expert on Human right law. I’m just an ordinary citizen of the world born and raised in the biggest slum of Uganda. My passion to fight for freedom was indeed not born in the classroom. It was born out of the streets, out of my experience from growing up out in the poorest places in Uganda and those are the people who face the worst Human Rights violations in my country Uganda.”

Bobi Wine relatedly said that a Ugandan Human Rights activist also a researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi was jailed until today, the reason being she criticised president Museveni’s leadership through her social media platforms which Museveni considered an insult.

“So while I am very lucky to be standing before you ladies and gentlemen, I must inform you the world that another activist, academic giant, a woman, Dr Stella Nyanzi, continues to rot in jail simply because she wrote a poem that criticises president Museveni who has been president of Uganda for 33 years,” Bobi Wine’s message reads in part.