DP officially unveils Jose Chameleon as a party member for Kampala Mayor
DP officially unveils Jose Chameleon as a party member for Kampala Mayor

Democratic Party (DP) officially unveils singer Jose Chameleon as a party member as well as Kampala Mayor candidate

The Democratic Party (DP) has officially unveiled Joseph Mayanja stage name Jose Chameleon and his brothers Pius Mayanja also known as Pallaso and Weasel ending questions where he really belongs.

In this same occasion, Chameleon declared his intentions to stand for the Kampala Mayor ship seat come 2021 general Elections, currently occupied by lord mayor Erias Lukwago (Independent).

“Forget about my past. I’m a grown-up who wants to contribute to liberating the nation. Our time is now. What affects the disadvantaged masses affects me as well,”

Three years ago, Dr Joze Chameleon was the lead singer in president Museveni’s campaign song “Tubonga Nawe” in the 2016 presidential elections.

“The reason I was in NRM participating in that particular song, I was invited to add my value onto their desk, and it was because of my popularity and strength. I swear and you can trace my roots right from my grandparents as DP. You should not discriminate against me, I’m different from my brand name,” Chameleon explained why he participated in President Museveni’s campaign song.

Chameleon also said that he wants to see that Kampala city meets international cities standard.

He was also appointed National Mobiliser DP Party. However, DP President Norbert Mao said chameleon is going to attract many youths into DP Party hence strengthening DP politically.

“We dismiss with all the contempt, those who are throwing the allegations. Joseph Mayanja has a lot of time to prove himself, I believe that whichever position he seeks he has a chance of winning. And more importantly, for DP he brings new energy, he’s going to be a magnet for young people,” Mao said.

Additionally, Mao said that all political party attached to DP will sit and decide whom to take over the flag in 2021 presidential elections, and promised to support whomever they will agree upon.

“When it’s not me, I will support whoever will be chosen and I will contest elsewhere, after all, in Gulu Municipality, someone who will ever defeat me is not yet born,” Mao stated.

Mao related asked the general public to trust DP with this country’s leadership because they are the only party that understands the problems Ugandans face.

Mao adds that DP party is the only party in Uganda that can stay even after the leader is out.

He continued and said that their major aim is to make sure that DP wins elections at regional levels in 2021 general elections.

“Our regional target is to gain 100 per cent win at all levels and we will achieve this. We have now overcome the endless inter warring, which has affected us negatively. DP is a party for all. We take the poor and the well-to-do,” Mao said.