Remove taxes on security cameras – DP asks the government
Remove taxes on security cameras – DP asks the government

Norbert Mao, Democratic Party (DP) president has asked the government to throw out taxes imposed on security cameras so that every Ugandan affords to buy and install them in the houses.

“We want these cameras to be affordable. I am told that there even cameras that can be installed in cars so that whatever happens around your car is recorded through your mobile phone and goes into the cloud.”

In a media briefing at the party’s offices in Kampala, Mao said that murder cases are on increase in Uganda today and some killers are revealed by security cameras.

“People were killed in Masaka area, you heard of this killing in Mengo, and there have been so many killings in different parts of the country,” Mao said.

He continued to state that it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure that its people live in a secure environment. Mao, however, called upon every Ugandan to rise up and demand safety in this country.

“In one case in Mengo, it’s the private camera of a nursery school which captured the images of the killers. President Museveni’s cameras cost billions but this one does not cost much but it was able to capture these killers in Mengo,” Mao said.

He also said that modern technologies help much in crime prevention which should be shared by everyone in this country and not police alone.

The swift turn of the event followed a murder case that happened in Mengo filmed by a private CCTV camera showing unknown persons killing a boda-boda cyclist and drove away with his motorcycle.