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where to buy Toyota Sienta
Toyota Sienta

In this article, we examine what you need to know before buying a Toyota Sienta in Uganda. It’s a practical, functional, and inexpensive vehicle for the responsible family guy.

This article looks at what you need to know before you buy a Toyota Sienta in Uganda. The Toyota Sienta is a practical, functional, and inexpensive solution for prudent family guys who require a vehicle for moving around.

The Sienta, inspired by an ‘urban tracking shoe’ design, cuts a unique figure on the road. If there is one word that captures the essence of the Sienta, it is “sensible”. 

If you’re the type of car buyer that values practicality, usefulness, and value for money, this is the vehicle for you.

It’s a genuine seven-seater Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and one of the most affordable on the market. If being spacious is an issue, the Sienta is undoubtedly generous. The automobile seats seven people comfortably and has adequate headroom and legroom all around.

The car has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) included as standard.

Numerous optimization technologies are included in the Toyota Sienta’s door, for example, the Smart Lock system, which enables you to open and close the door without pulling the key. 

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It includes sliding doors and is centrally located on the front panel with gauges and controls.

Purchasing a Toyota Sienta from a Ugandan car bond

This Toyota Sienta goes for around UGX 28,000,000/- for the recent models. And for the cars which have already been used in Uganda, you can get them for around UGX 15,000,000/- to UGX 20,000,000/- depending on their current condition. 

This car is in high demand on the Ugandan market at the moment because of its low engine fuel consumption and its various uses such as home use, uber, special hire and car hire, light cargo van etc. 

Buying Toyota Sienta in Uganda
Currently, this car is in high demand in Uganda due to its low engine fuel consumption, and that it can be used for a variety of purposes, including home use, uber, car hire, cargo, etc. FILE PHOTO

Toyota Sienta Specifications

Engine and Transmission

  • Engine capacity: 4,196 cc
  • Engine type: 4 cylinders in line 16 valve DOHC chain drive dual VVT-i
  • Fuel type: Petrol 
  • Drive Type: Front-wheel drive 
  • Transmission: Automatic transmission (CVT)


  • Power: 78 kw (105 bhp)
  • Torque: 140 Nm
  • Acceleration: 12.8s (0-100km/h)
  • Top speed: 165km/h
  • Fuel consumption: 16.1km per liter 
  • Co2 Emission (LTA) 146 g/km (As tested by LTA)

Measurements and capacity

  • Vehicle type: Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
  • Seating Capacity: 7 People
  • Dimensions: LxWxH (4235x1695x1695) mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,750 mm
  • Minimum turning radius: 5,300 mm
  • Curb weight: 1,325 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 42 L
  • Boot/cargo capacity 575 L
  • Wheels (Tyre and Rim)
  • It can be fitted on
  • 185/60/R15
  • 195/50/R16
Toyota Sienta in Uganda_interior
There is ample space inside, and all seven passengers can be seated comfortably, including the driver. FILE PHOTO

Advantages of buying a Toyota Sienta in Uganda

  1. It’s easy to drive. A Toyota sienta is an automatic drive vehicle, small and it has a light body. This makes it very easy to drive
  2. It has a low fuel consumption. Its engine is just only 1496 cc, which means that 1 litre can drive up to 16 kilometres. This makes it cheap to drive on a daily basis. 
  3. It’s cheap to service: its normal service goes for around UGX 125,000/=. That is to say: Engine oil 4 litres at approximately UGX 80,000/-, oil filter UGX 10,000/-, air cleaner UGX 15,000/-, spraying and greasing UGX 10,000, and labour of around UGX 10,000/. This is very much affordable for an average Ugandan driving any car.
  4. It is spacious inside, it carries a maximum of seven people all seated very comfortable including the driver. The space can also be used to carry light cargo.
  5. Its spare parts are readily available on the Ugandan market. Any part which gets damaged can be gotten in the different spare parts shops in the country. 
  6. It is easy to repair and service. This is because it’s small and simple. Many mechanics can easily repair this car in case of any default.
  7. The car is cheap to maintain. That’s to say it’s cheap to replace anything on the car such as the brake pads, shock absorbers, and other spare parts. The 4 tires all go for a maximum of UGX 800,000/= in case u want to change all of them at ago. 
  8. It serves various purposes. Such as home use, car hire or curb business, and light cargo van.

Disadvantages of a Toyota Sienta

  1. The Sienta has low ground clearance, and thus frequently experiences transmission failure, electric door failure, power loss, and excessive oil consumption.
  2. It’s not good for long distances. Its light and therefore if driven at a speed of more than 100km/h it can easily lose control, especially on highways.

Therefore making the ultimate decision to purchase a Toyota Sienta is a matter of personality. Are you more interested in fuel economy or experiencing a rush when you touch the pedal? You now have the necessary information to make an informed choice. 

Best of luck with your new vehicle!