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tips car interior clean
Keeping the inside of your automobile clean may be as easy as installing a trash can, cleaning up spills quickly, or using organizers.

In this article, we will share with you eleven suggestions to help you keep the interior of your car clean and organized. With these 10 tips, you do not have to clean the inside of your automobile often.

Here are eleven helpful tips to keep the interior of your car clean and organized. You do not have to thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle all the time, with these 10 maintenance recommendations, you can simply keep it clean. 

With all of its nooks and corners, the inside of a vehicle may be difficult to handle. However, you do not always need to grab your vacuum, brushes, and other cleaning supplies. 

There are simple methods to constantly keep the inside of your vehicle clean.

You may take little effort to preserve the cleanliness of the inside of your automobile, such as installing a trash can, cleaning up spills quickly, using organizers, etc. 

These recommendations are applicable in any part of the world, Uganda inclusive.

Getting Started

The following things may assist maintain the cleanliness of your car.

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• A garbage can, cereal box, or plastic bag

• Sock and multipurpose cleaner or cup holder liners

• Organisers – this will be needed at the back (back seat) and in your boot

• A wallet/folder/expandable file

• Furniture and baby wipes

• Microfiber fabric

• Vehicle-seat coverings

Tips to keep your car clean inside

Provide Your Vehicle with a Trash bin 

Placing a garbage can in your vehicle is the greatest approach to maintaining its cleanliness. Trash may accumulate in several locations of the vehicle, including the spaces between the front seats and the console, the compartments, the footwalls, and the floor.

By providing your vehicle with a garbage container, you may prevent waste from scattering around and avoid having to collect it.

A garbage can that has a cover that hangs from the front seat headrest, and is waterproof would be an excellent choice. 

Alternatively, you may use a plastic cereal container that can be sealed with a lid that fits into the compartment of a vehicle door.

Even a simple plastic bag may serve as a waste container. 

Therefore, always empty your garbage can regularly, whether it is full or not – make that a habit.

Remove Any Dirt from the Cup Holders

Remove Any Dirt from the Cup Holders

As a result of beverage spillage, humidity, and crumbs, cup holders are often grimy and sticky.

The best way to clean cup holders is to place a sock on a cup and spritz it with an all-purpose cleaner. 

Then, wipe the sock around the cup holders to remove the filth. You may also wipe the cup holders with your hand wrapped in a sock that has been sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner.

You may also prevent them from becoming sticky and soiled by inserting silicone baking cups or cup holder liners in them to capture any future spills and dirt that may enter the cup holders. 

Pulling them out of the cup holders is all that is required to make cleanup easy with them.

The sticky mess in your cup holders may also be reduced by discarding the plastic cup of your cold drink after it has been consumed to avoid condensation from building up and trickling down into your cup holders.

Organise Your Automobile Using Organisers

When you have children, the rear of the vehicle might get congested, and the back of the front seats can become filthy from children’s shoes. 

An automobile seat organiser may fix these concerns.

A car seat organiser has many sections for storing travel necessities, toys, and snacks, and it may be hung from the rear seat. It also protects children’s shoes from soiling the backs of the front seats.

The trunk or cargo space of the vehicle may likewise get congested with all the items you keep there. A boot organiser will be really helpful in keeping things in an orderly manner. 

You might also remove unnecessary items from the trunk to reduce the amount of clutter.

Maintain an Organised Glove Box

Maintain an Organised Glove Box

When the glove compartment is stuffed with a variety of items, such as papers, it might become cluttered or even worse, release a tiny avalanche when opened. 

You may DE clutter it by eliminating unnecessary items and organising it with a handbag, folder, little expandable file, or whatever else you can find.

Keep Upholstery Wipes in the Trunk

Keeping upholstery wipes in your glove box would help keep your car’s inside clean since it would enable you to mop up any unintentional spills instantly. 

This will also let you remove dust and filth that your fingertips may leave behind on surfaces.

In addition, upholstery wipes include a conditioning chemical that helps preserve the condition of surfaces. You may also use baby wipes.

Clean up Mistakes Immediately

If spills are not cleaned quickly, they may produce stains and become more difficult to remove later. 

Therefore, to reduce the difficulty of removing stubborn stains, clean up spills immediately after they occur. 

They may be cleaned quickly using a microfiber cloth.

You Must Bring Out Everything You Bring-in

If you continue to leave items in your vehicle, they will gradually accumulate and make it messy. 

To prevent your vehicle from being crowded, make it a practice to always take the items you brought in with you when you leave. 

Allow your passengers to practice this as well.

Remove Dirt, Mud, or Snow from Your Shoes Before Entering the Vehicle

Dirt, mud, and snow may adhere to footwear and be tracked onto the car’s floor mats. 

To reduce the number of such residues in your automobile, wipe your shoes before entering the vehicle.

Shakeout Floor Mats Often

Eventually, floor mats will collect dirt from shoes. Make it a practice to remove the floor mats at least once every week, or more if required, and shake off the dirt. 

In this manner, your floor mats won’t acquire excessive amounts of filth, and you won’t have to use excessive time cleaning them in the future.

Additionally, this enables you to delay vacuuming for longer.

Utilize Vehicle Seat Covers

clean Car seat covers

Using vehicle seat covers is the simplest method to maintain a clean car interior. Car seat coverings may safeguard your seats from stains. 

And when they get soiled, you can simply remove them from your vehicle seats and wash them in the washing machine.

When your dog goes in the vehicle with you, you may use a waterproof backseat cover if you have a dog. It will prevent mud from their feet and hair from soiling your rear seats.

Always keep a Foam Cleaner or cleaning detergent inside your vehicle

Always keep a foam cleaner in your vehicle together with a soft towel and always be the one to clean the dashboard of your by yourself. 

There are sensitive plastic AC outlets which need maximum care while cleaning. These have been damaged by the washing bay guys who use unnecessary force while scrubbing hence breaking them.  

Also, these washing bay guys have spoilt many car radios by pouring water in them anyhow. 

Therefore be vigilant when they are cleaning your vehicle’s interior and tell them to be careful or not to touch some areas.


Don’t ignore your vehicle’s interior. There is no need for thorough cleaning if you follow the aforementioned tips on how to maintain the inside of your car and keep it clean; little measures will suffice.