Chameleone Clever J should battle2
Chameleone to Clever J: Fight for your comeback or battle Lil Pazo Olunabe, not me. Photo/Comedy Store

Singer Jose Chameleone counsels faded singer Clever J to fight for his comeback or seek for a music battle from Lil Pazo Olunabe but not from him

During Alex Muhanji’s comedy store at UMA Exhibition Hall in Lugogo, faded singer Clever J went ahead and asked for a music battle from the Leone Island Music Empire CEO Jose Chameleone after him bouncing on stage during Clever J’s performance.

Speaking to Spark TV yesterday, Chameleone cautioned Clever J to first concentrate on the fans demand of offering good music by hitting back to studios instead of jumping to impossibilities that he can’t realize.

“Clever J is my brother and we were trying to revive our relationship in the public and as relatives. Personally, I asked him for collaboration but if he’s requesting for a music battle then those are his words. I think he should have concentrated on building his career. Though am a star it doesn’t mean that everyone should come asking a music battle from me, “said Jose Chameleone.

He supplemented,

“I think Clever J should first have a music battle with Lil Pazo Olunabe so that we can see his worth, I advise him to be serious because people have decided to love him again, he shouldn’t be overjoyed because he might lose out.”

On the same TV interview, Clever J whose real name is Gerald Muwonge said his asking for a music battle from Chameleone wasn’t in his plans but it’s because the fans are asking him to do so.

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“I had asked Chameleone for a music battle way back though he refused but when he came on stage, people started asking for a collaboration and I won’t go begging for that from Chameleone because I have a collaboration with Cindy and am also begging from Fresh Kid so all those projects have to be done to satisfy my fans, “said Clever J.

Chameleone Clever J should battle
Singer Jose Chameleone counsels faded singer Clever J to fight for his comeback

Clever J added,

“It’s a brotherly issue and we met to reunite with Chameleone, I didn’t want to ask anything from them but create a relationship because God is building up a new studio. I see many artists now on pressure asking for music battles and if it’s the trend, God will do his will. Am go

In his fight to resurrect the music career, the ‘Nsi Yaleta’ singer Clever J demands for a music battle from Jose Chameleone because he has many other projects including collaborations from Ugandan artists which include Cindy Sanyu and Fresh Kid so according to him, asking for another collaboration from Chameleone wouldn’t make sense that’s why he asked for a music battled instead.