Rwanda, Uganda sign extradition treaty
Rwanda- Uganda extradition treaty aimed to improve relations not boarder opening. File Photo

Rwanda-Uganda sign extradition treaty asking Uganda to cease hostility towards Rwandans before reopening the border

Rwanda- Uganda sign extradition treaty – Rwandan government has asked Uganda to stop its hostility towards Rwandan nationals before it opens up the two countries border points at Katuna/Gatuna for business.

This was during the 4th Quadripartite Summit of Luanda that happened on Friday 21st/February/2020; at Katuna/Gatuna border a year after Kagame closed the two country’s border.

The Summit was facilitated by Angolan President, Joao Lourenco and Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo. It was then preceded by freeing the two countries prisoners and withdrawing the RNC Charlotte Mukankusi’s Ugandan Passport who is a Rwandan national as requested by Rwanda.

Withdraw of Mukankusi’s passport number A000199979 issued by Ugandan authorities was confirmed by the Rwandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe via the Rwandan Broadcasting Agency (RBA) which was among the seven demands put forward by the Rwandan government to be put into action by the Government of Uganda.

Mukankusi is the Commissioner in Charge of Diplomacy in the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), an opposition group that is outlawed in Rwanda.

The communication from the Summit clearly stated recommendations to be made before the border is reopened that will see business between the two countries normalize once again.

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Rwanda, Uganda sign extradition treaty2
Rwanda’s foreign affairs minister, Vincent Biruta (R) and his Ugandan counterpart, Sam Kutesa sign the extradition treaty in Gatuna. File Photo

Among the recommendations, Rwanda asked Uganda is to verify the allegations that there are forces in Uganda hostile to the government of Rwanda within one month period.

“If these allegations are proved, the Ugandan Government will take all measures to stop it (the hostility) from happening again.”

The action must be verified and confirmed by the Ad-Hoc ministerial Commission for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding of Luanda.

Also in the communication, they agreed that after the fulfilment of the recommendation and reported to the countries presidents, the facilitators of the Summit will meet again within 15 days in the same place to reopen the border.

In the other demands, Rwanda asked Uganda to disband the Rwanda National Congolese and RUD-Uranana networks in Uganda and to arrest and extradite all its members so that they can face justice in Rwanda.

Rwanda also asked Uganda to stop arresting its citizens and handover suspected rebels.

Rwanda as well wants Uganda to allow them to repatriate the body of Emmanuel Mageza for a decent burial in Rwanda and for Uganda to provide details of circumstances surrounding his death.

Rwanda also wants clarification from Ugandan authorities about two other Rwandan citizens that’s Sendegeya Theogene and Rwembo Mucyo who was allegedly transferred from CMI to Butabika Hospital and later went missing.

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Rwanda also wants Julienne Kayirere to be united with her child Joana Imanirakiza. Kayirere was allegedly abducted in Uganda and separated from her one-month baby, when she was arrested on 29th, November 2018 in Mubende District.

Uganda demanded that Rwanda stops espionage and provocative public comments, as well as the release of Ugandans detained in Rwanda. Reopen Katuna border and release Ugandans detained in Rwanda.

Rwanda-Uganda border was closed after Rwanda accused Uganda of arresting its nationals and detaining them without trial.

And Uganda accused Rwanda of infiltrating its security agencies and undermining national security which ceased business transactions and movement of people between the two countries.

After, the two countries Rwanda and Uganda signed an Extradition Treaty.