Charles Peter Mayiga biography
Who is Charles Peter Mayiga?

Who is Charles Peter Mayiga? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, education, marriage and family of a Ugandan lawyer and current Katikkiro of Buganda.

Charles Peter Mayiga is a Ugandan lawyer, cultural leader and author. He is the current Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of the government of Buganda, a constitutional monarchy in present-day Uganda. 

Mayiga was appointed to that position by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II in May 2013, replacing Engineer John Baptist Walusimbi. He is well known for cultural matters.

Charles Peter Mayiga – Early Life and Education

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga was born in 1962 in Kasanje village, Kabonera Parish, Masaka District, Central Uganda to Ssalongo Cyprian Mukasa (father) and Nnalongo Rebecca Kyese Mukasa (mother).

Mayiga attended Butale Primary School and Nkoni Primary School after he joined St. Henry’s College Kitovu and Kitante Hill School for his O-Level education.

Later, he attended St Mary’s College Kisubi for his A-Level education. Mayiga then joined Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest public university graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Laws (LLB).

Charles Peter Mayiga born in 1962
Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga was born in 1962.

Mayiga also holds a Diploma in Legal Practice, obtained from the Law Development Center (LDC), in Kampala Uganda.

Charles Peter Mayiga – Work and Experience 

Starting in 1991, Charles Peter Mayiga has been working closely with the elders of the Kingdom of Buganda, sharpening his knowledge and understanding of the customs and traditions of Buganda. 

In June 1991, Charles Peter Mayiga was appointed Administrative Secretary and assistant to the Secretary-General of the Ssabataka’s Supreme Council (the name given to Buganda Lukiiko at the time since it was still outlawed under the 1967 Constitution). 

On 4 July 1991, while preparing for the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda, Mayiga was appointed to become the Secretary of the Council of Elders, responsible for organizing the cultural restoration.

This tittle changed to Secretary to the Lukiiko (Parliament of Buganda) following the restoration of the Monarchy.

When the Kingdom was restored in 1993, Mayiga was appointed Buganda’s Minister of Information and Official Spokesman for the Kingdom.

Later, he was appointed Principal Administrative Secretary up to 1994. He was appointed to member of the Lukiiko in 1994 and 1995, Ssabasajja Kabaka appointed him Deputy Minister in Charge of the Lukiiko.

In 1996, he was named Minister of the Youth. In the same year, he was named Minister for Youth and Cabinet Affairs.

Before he was appointed Katikkiro, Mayiga had turned down at least two opportunities to run for an elective public office in the Central Ugandan government.

In 2002, the Kabaka appointed him Minister of Youth, Cabinet Affairs and Lukiiko Affairs, Minister of Information and Kingdom Official Spokesman. He served in that capacity until he was appointed Prime Minister of Buganda in May 2013.

Charles Peter Mayiga with Kabaka of Buganda
Mayiga (Right) was appointed to that position by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda (Left).

Other Responsibilities

Starting in 1987, Mayiga has been working closely with elders of the Kingdom of Buganda, sharpening his knowledge and understanding of the customs and traditions of Buganda. 

Charles Peter Mayiga is a Law Partner in Buwule Mayiga & Company Advocates, based in Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

He is the author of a book titled King on the Throne, which chronicles the story of the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda. The first 16 years (1993-2009) of the reign of His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda.

He is also the author of Buganda Ku Ntikko – a book in Luganda that explains Buganda’s key five tenets five key kingdom aspirations (Ensonga Ssemasonga Ettaano). This book was published on 29 May 2013, the very day he was handed the instruments of power. 

In 2017, Katikkiro Mayiga released his third book titled, Uganda: 7-Key Transformation Idea, which details seven ideas that can help Third World countries develop.

Charles Peter Mayiga – Family

Mayiga is married to Margaret Mayiga, an alumnus of Trinity College Nabbingo, since 1987 and together they have children. 


Katikkiro Mayiga has been caught in several controversies, of recent he engaged in a war of words with Tamale Mirundi, former Presidential Press Secretary, Political Analyst and Presidential Advisor on Media and the motor-mouthed motivational Speaker, Frank Gashumba. 

It must be noted that over the years, Mayiga has come under scrutiny from a section of the public opinion Lea and his most vocal critics like Gashumba, Tamale Mirundi and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, among others.

In May 2020, Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga made a televised address, among which he spoke about his critics, one a drunkard and the other a conman, who didn’t deserve anyone’s attention. 

Mayiga considered information going around on Social Media regarding the Buganda Kingdom as lies purposely to tarnish people’s personalities. He says the Kingdom is ready to respond to any query or clarification rather than listening to false statements running on social media.

On social media, commentators said Mr Mayiga was talking about presidential media advisor Tamale Mirundi and social-economic commentator Frank Gashumba, some of his critics in Uganda although he did not mention their names.

Mirundi who has lots of airtime on television and radio first dismissed the criticism from Mr Mayiga but has of recent heightened his attack on the Katikkiro who recently made seven years in office.

Mayiga’s critics largely accuse him of stripping Mengo of political teeth, making Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom less formidable politically. 

Although Tamale Mirundi and Gashumba had been using several television and radio programs, and social media platforms to hit at their enemies, including Katikkiro Mayiga, the Buganda Katikkiro had, for the most part, ignored the controversial presidential advisor on media and the social commentator.

But in his recent State of the Kingdom Address, Mayiga launched a veiled attack on Mirundi and Gashumba.

“Some of these people are usually arrested for being con artists. They have no known jobs apart from conning people. Others are drunkards. We are here talking but they have already drunk. By midmorning, they have already done a crate of beer and are opening another one. I feel pity for television stations that employ them. They’re also those with pseudo names on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t pay attention to anything they say,” said Mayiga. 

“Those are not people you should pay attention to. Find critics worth their name.”

Although the Katikkiro didn’t mention any names, social media critics rushed to fit Frank Gashumba and Tamale Mirundi into the speech, and the two controversial figures got up in arms, firing back at Mayiga.

Mayiga is married to Margaret Mayiga
Mayiga is married to Margaret Mayiga. PHOTO/URN

Tamale Mirundi on Mayiga

In one of the media shows, Tamale Mirundi shredded Mayiga saying he was coming to the end of his tenure as Buganda’s Katikkiro and was desperately defending his legacy. Mayiga recently made seven years in office as Kingdom Prime Minister.

“Every Katikkiro that comes closer to being fired starts ranting and lamenting. Muliika and JB Walusimbi did the same,” Mirundi said. “We are asking him about the ‘masiro’ money (Kasubi tombs) and he calls us drunkards. For the first time, the rain is hitting the Ssekabakas (departed kings) because of Mayiga. Why unroof the masiro when you don’t have the money?”

Mirundi further claimed he was more important than the Katikkiro, whom he compared to foot and mouth disease.

“You are wasting our time talking about Mayiga’s comments. Why do you bring that kalusu (foot and mouth disease) here when they have their radio and TV where they can discuss all that and reflect on that boy Mayiga’s tenure of seven years?” Mirundi asked NBS show host Bashir Kazibwe when he asked him about the Katikkiro’s statements.

“It’s unprecedented because until that boy (Mayiga) became the Katikkiro, people used to fear to drag the Kabaka to court, but now the institution has been demystified and I’m now more powerful than Mayiga and the entire Mengo.”

Mirundi added that Mayiga was hiding something by trying to silence his voice and other people who were criticizing his policies.

“Now why are they trying to gag us? It means there is something they don’t want to be said and for me, I’m going to carry on because I’m a political scientist and an intellectual who can’t be intimidated,” Mirundi vowed.

Mirundi accused the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga of hiding behind the Kabaka to fight his political battles instead of facing his opponents as a man.

Often, Mirundi says that by using the Kabaka as his defence every time, he was under attack; Mayiga makes it look like his mistakes are also the Kabaka’s mistakes which would risk spoiling the Kabaka’s image.

Frank Gashumba on Mayiga

Shortly after Katikkiro Mayiga’s statement, Frank Gashumba had remained silent since the Buganda Premier didn’t mention his name in an interview but after getting advice from Mengo Mafias that Mayiga was attacking him indirectly, he launched a war of words.

Gashumba says he is not afraid of criticizing anyone, except the Kabaka and the Catholic Church he belongs to. 

Gashumba in a live chat via his Facebook account insulted Mayiga and said he has no criminal record because following his arrest back then; no case was filed against him because he did not commit the crime, he was accused falsely.

Gashumba says although Mayiga did not mention his name he’s ready to battle with Mayiga, saying they are fighters in their family. 

“Father told us never pick up a fight, but when people start up fights, fight them we shall help you, our battles are fought by our great parents.”

Gashumba says Mayiga who owns over six fake Facebook accounts is leading a project of destroying Buganda titled ‘Buganda Kuntiiko’.

In his views, Mayiga has sold off several Buganda lands and properties in his regime including Mutungo Health Centre, Nabagereka p/s. he says there no one he cannot criticize except Buganda and the Catholic Church.

Gashumba however, asked Kabaka Mutebi to fire Mayiga saying he’s not fit to serve the Kingdom. He says he has no issues with Mengo but rather with Mayiga.

He accused Mayiga of working for President Museveni and living like the king himself failing Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, yet the people he claims to serve can’t even afford basic needs. 

“Charles Peter Mayiga is not even worth being the Katikkiro of Buganda. He is just money minded. With all the money collected through ‘Etofaali’ and the billions got from the government, he failed to complete the Masiro. By the time he leaves that position, he would have failed the Kabaka in many areas. In Buganda, it’s only the king that I cannot scrutinize. The rest I can, like Mayiga, because he is a Mukopi like me.”

“That one is a convicted fraudster who was made to walk barefoot in cuffs to Luzira. He should not be having an opinion on me or anyone else,” Mayiga shot back.

But as the battle between Mayiga and the two loudmouths rages on, some analysts have argued that by bringing himself down to the level of Mirundi and Gashumba, the Katikkiro made a huge mistake because he might now have to respond to every attack from the two who use the power of the mainstream and social media to hit their perceived enemies hard.

Indeed, after the veiled statements were made, the focus shifted to Tamale Mirundi and Frank Gashumba as most people wanted to hear what their responses would be, given their insulting statements against those they choose to fight. 

Some observers argue that Mayiga should have simply ignored attacks from Mirundi and Gashumba, adding that by responding to their statements means that the entire Mengo establishment is afraid of two people who have made their disagreement with the Katikkiro’s way of doing things public.

For Mayiga to win this battle, they further argue, he will have to listen and watch Mirundi’s radio and TV interviews as well Gashumba’s social media rants and respond to them in the address that could easily be perceived as Mengo’s official statements. 

Alternatively, Mayiga could need to boost his social media team and his communications desk to respond to the duo’s attacks on him. 

Short of the two options, it looks like Mayiga might have already lost the battle because he was been dragged to these two men’s level and he must fight using the means they and their followers are familiar with.

It’s alleged that Gashumba is currently facilitated and paid millions of money by City Lawyers David Mpanga and Mr Apollo Makubuya who were respectively dropped as the Attorney General of Buganda and Deputy Katikkiro.

According to sources, one of the things the Katikkiro did was to streamline processes. He put in place things such as approval matrix. He formalized the procurement process in the Kingdom.

By doing this, he earned himself many enemies. Take an example of the Majestic brands, it meant that to work with the Kingdom, you had specific targets and deliveries. This did not go well with many people. Many were selling off land in the Kingdom without the following process, Katikkiro made it practically impossible for all this to continue.

Charles-Peter-Mayiga-attacked Gashumba and Tamale Mirundi
Peter Mayiga responds to Frank Gashumba and Tamale Mirundi.

Sheikh Muzaata to Mayiga

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, the head of Dawa of Kibuli Muslim sect in 2015 attacked Mayiga during the Buganda Kingdom’s ‘Etoffaali’ project, a fundraising campaign meant to re-develop the Buganda Kingdom fronted by Katikkiro Mayiga but the late Sheikh Sowedi Zubail Kayonga resolved their conflicts and united them before his death.

Sheikh Muzaata had despised the ‘Etoffaali project fundraising to re-develop the Buganda Kingdom.  

Sheikh Muzaata insulted Mayiga’s invectives contained in audio messages that went viral on social media. 

In the recording, the sheikh rebukes Muslims and Christians for contributing money to Buganda’s development campaign when their mosques and churches are in a despicable state.

There’s a belief that for a long time, Kabaka Mutebi groomed Mayiga for this role. Mayiga himself has made some references that could prove this statement to be true.

“The Kabaka knows me very well. He knows my strength and weakness and there is nobody at Mengo who should claim to know me better than him,’ he once told Ntanda Magazine, Buganda Kingdom’s Luganda quarterly magazine.

In Mayiga’s first four years, he laboured to change Buganda institution that’s nearly 1,000 years old. He kicked off his reign by appealing to all some aspects of Mengo must change.

His reign would be of transparency and, most importantly, restoring Buganda’s lost glory. He visited churches and Mosques and galvanized the people who had for long given up on Buganda. He then told them, he needed the Kasubi royal tombs restored.

Mayiga has led efforts to rebuild them. He didn’t have the money; so, he came up with an idea of fundraising, which would become commonly known as Ettoffaali. To date, there has probably never been a campaign like Ettoffaali anywhere in the East and Central African region.

People, rich and poor, young and old lined up to give the little they had to him. Even Parliament of Uganda hosted him during a special session and MPs fellow one another contributing.

However, the main mausoleum house at Kasubi, a UNESCO heritage wonder still isn’t finished even though Mayiga had promised to do so within six months.

When Mayiga realized that Kasubi won’t be done in the timeframe he gave, he went to his next project: completing the building beside the kingdom administration in Bulange that had stalled for close to four decades.

It was always a reminder of what wasn’t possible. Mayiga turned his attention to it and within a short period, the building complex and Kabaka Mutebi inaugurated it on his 60th birthday. The building is now home to CBS FM, Buganda Land Board and other tenants.

Masengere also houses Buganda’s television station, BBS, commonly known as BBS Terefayina, Luganda for TV. 

As Mayiga traversed the Kingdom and beyond its borders during Ettoffaali, Kabaka’s people demanded that he sets up a TV station. The demand increased to unbearable levels.

“You can say that people were possessed. They wanted a TV station for Buganda. The other thing they demanded was a hospital,” recalls Noah Kiyimba, the Kingdom’s information minister.

Mayiga plans to deliver a teaching hospital, which will be built at the Mengo palace (Lubiri). However, one of the significant outcomes of Mayiga’s administration was the harmonious relationship he established with the central government. 

Soon after his appointment, he made it clear that Mengo won’t belong to any political party. Previously, Mengo was seen as opposition-leaning.

“Buganda is for all, regardless of political and religious affiliation. If you respect the Kabaka, you are welcome,” Mayiga said in an interview. 

It is this long-term vision of a kingdom that isn’t involved in petty politics that ensured President Museveni delivered over 200 land tittles and through a memorandum of understanding with the Kabaka.

In 2017, the central government agreed to pay what belongs to Buganda, and not to stop the Kabaka from touring any part of his kingdom. To Mayiga’s detractors, he had sold the kingdom to Museveni. Others said he had not even sought the blessings of the Buganda Lukiiko (parliament). 

Also, Mayiga’s Kyapa Mungalo (leasing out bibanja owners on Kabaka’s land to owners for 49 years) campaign received criticism from many people including the former Katikkiro of Buganda, Dan Muliika.

This attracted a lawsuit against the Kabaka from Kassim Male Mabirizi a City Lawyer. He sued the Kabaka challenging the decision to have all his subjects living on the Kingdom land register their plots at a fee through the Buganda Land Board (BLB).