Mabirizi Buganda Land Board rent
Lawyer Mabirizi: Buganda Land Board should suspend collection of ground rent. File Photo

Buganda Land Board should suspend collection of ground rent immediately, says Lawyer Mabirizi

Lawyer Male Mabirizi has requested the Supreme Court to ensure that the Buganda Land Board (BLB) stops collecting ground rent from locals residing or using the kingdom’s land because the case is still under court discussion.

According to Mabirizi, the court has not yet decided whether Buganda Land Board can go on with seeking this ground rent from its land users and so the whole process should be suspended.

Mabirizi says that the Board has already started demanding rent from as far as 2010 in addition to warning the tenants who fail to raise the figures that they will be evicted off the land.

“The respondent (Buganda Land Board) has started demanding ground rent for as far as 2010 and has issued assessments for tenants to pay and that on failure, they can be evicted.

“My application is simply seeking an interim order of injunction for maintaining the status quo until the determination of the main application by this court,” Mabirizi told the court on Wednesday.

Mabirizi Buganda Land Board rent
Lawyer Mabirizi: Buganda Land Board should suspend collection of ground rent. File Photo

Last year, Mabirizi raised a complaint to the Supreme Court challenging the collection of the ground rent by Buganda Land Board from all tenants on Kabaka’s land.

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The new directive which was decided by the Buganda Minister for Lands, Mariam Nassejje Mayanja commands all Kabaka land users to pay a ground fee to inform of rent to the BLB to be in a position to use the land freely for a specific time.

However, Mabirizi indicated that BLB is just acting on behalf of the Kabaka and not the true landowners. Mabirizi says that Buganda Land Board has eventually turned from being a trustee into a landowner by seeking rent from users something he says is illegal according to the law.

“The trustee turned himself into the owner of the illegal sort. As one of the beneficiaries of the trustee, my grandfathers; Ali Musisi Lunyomo, Sirim Mabirizi and a host of other clan mates were buried at Kasana Kyaggwe, which is part of this land and no amount of damages can co

Meanwhile, in response, a section of lawyers from Mengo, led by Christopher Bwanika said that Kabaka owns the land Mabirizi is talking about and therefore BLB is free to collect ground rent.

The lawyers further questioned why Mabirizi stood in for the tenants yet there is invalid proof they had requested him to do so on their behalf.

Justice Esther Kisaakye who responded to Mabirizi’s complaint requested the two parties to remain calm that the court would rule on the application on notice.

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By John Dalton Kigozi