minister Tumwebaze consular services
Minister Tumwebaze urges African countries to share consular services. File Photo

Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Dev’t Frank Tumwebaze urges African countries to share consular services

Minister Tumwebaze has urged African countries to sign protocols that will allow African Countries to share Consular services in countries where one’s government is not properly represented.

Frank Tumwebaze, the Gender and Labour Minister said the move will help migrant workers’ access services in those countries.

In Uganda, a high unemployment rate is a leading factor why many Ugandans are seeking jobs abroad. However, some Ugandans end up struggling without any Consular support to help them with their various situations.

“If workers are in Iraq or Qatar, Uganda has no consular presence there Kenya we agreed with support or Somalia or whoever. How do we make this become real?” Tumwebaze noted. I have been abused, I have not been paid, I have been unfairly treated. The consular person from the near

Tumwebaze made the remarks while addressing labour ministers from 17 English speaking African countries in Kampala.

minister Tumwebaze consular services
Minister Tumwebaze urges African countries to share consular services. File Photo

Deputy CEO, Social Protection Department at International Labour Organisation (ILO), Schmitt Valerie who was also present at the meeting said that ILO has an interest in social security simply because it’s a human right that should be accessed by everyone.

“We have priorities in social securities because we know beyond the fact that it’s a human right and it contributes to increased growth,” Schmitt said.

“It means that there’s a huge challenge to cover the 97% of the population that doesn’t have access to social protection and for the poor that cannot contribute we expect the government to put money,” Schmitt added.

Currently, only 2.9% of Ugandans have access to social protection like NSSF while over 70% are surviving in poverty and uncertainties.

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And Worldwide, 4bn people have no access to social protection and the greatest population resides in Africa. According to ILO countries need over 720bn US Dollars every year to make everyone access social protection.

Officials in the meeting also called for universal access to social protection as it’s a human right enshrined in International Labour Laws.

“When you go to different countries you will find a debate, where should the national social security fund be governed? Is it in the ministry of finance or in the ministry of labour or it should be managed through a dual policy arrangement?” Tumwebaze further noted.