Sekandi tells Common Wealth delegates
Come back to Uganda for your holidays – Vice President Ssekandi tells Common Wealth delegates. File Photo

Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Vice President of Uganda has urged Common Wealth delegates to consider Uganda first in case of any visit or holiday programme they would want to make.

In his communication, Ssekandi says Uganda has people with welcoming faces, kind hearts, in particular, Uganda is hospitable with beautiful scenery and climate.

“You’re in a city with a very nice climate, amazing flora and fauna, with people that have welcoming faces and hearts. I wish to appreciate your consideration to take off time and see nice places of Uganda like the Equator, Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Source of the Nile, to mention but a few. Please take them as an appetizer and whenever you go back to your respective, plan to return to Uganda for your holidays. Remember that peace and security are assured,” Ssekandi said.

His message to the Common Wealth delegates was made yesterday on Wednesday as they paid a visit to the Equator, Maya Nature Resort in Mpigi District and Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) Nkozi Campus.

“Uganda, small as it appears on the world map, is a unique country with two hemispheres. You have witnessed this after visiting the Equator,” Ssekandi informed CPC delegates.

Mahendra Prasad one of the Common Wealth delegates from Jharkhand State and B.N. Pandey OF Bihar State in India including other Parliamentarians commended Uganda Martyrs University for its efforts in conserving the environment which has served as an example to the rest.

The 64th Common Wealth delegates made the remarks after their visit to the university and later on, in the afternoon planted memorial trees at the Faculty of Agriculture, which were given out to them by John Bosco Lubyayi Seguya, the Mawokota South legislator.

Seguya as well urged people to plant trees in their homes to help protect Uganda’s environment from vanishing.

“You should plant at least one tree at your home in a month. By the end of the year, one shall have 12 trees. These will help in getting back our lost green natural cover. One by one makes a bundle. Let’s join hands in protecting ourselves against global warming, floods, drought and famine through planting more trees because they’re taken as our life protectors,” Seguya said.

He also said that CPC chose to plant trees at UMU, simply because it’s referred to as the university which has the greenest cover in Uganda, and passionate to nature.

Seguya further said UMU is an environmentally friendly Institution which has a conducive place for studying, learning and reflection for students and learners.

UMU is situated along the Equator on the Lake Victoria shores. In 2016, World Bank selected UMU to host the African Centre of excellence in Agro.

Ecology and livelihood systems in a competitive process, because of its outstanding record of excellence and creating a difference in societies.

As per the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ssembatya UMU turned into a sounding institution in the country, in her 25 years of existence.