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mtn uganda data bundles compared

In this post, you will find a complete list of all the MTN Uganda data bundles that you should be aware of, including the daily, weekly, and monthly bundles.

Uganda’s largest telecommunications company, MTN Uganda, is known for its favourable data bundles across the country, which it offers to its customers. 

The most recent and comprehensive list of MTN data bundles and offers is provided here. At the moment, MTN Uganda has amazing deals for all those individuals who rely heavily on the internet. 

Watch out for these fantastic offers and make sure you do not miss them as we walk you through an updated list.

There are a few things that you should always take note of as far as data bundles offered by MTN are concerned. Some of them include the following:

  • All bundles are available for purchase using mobile money and airtime.
  • You can purchase a bundle for a different MTN client.
  • Customers can choose to have their packages renew automatically if they like.

Depending on your internet consumption needs, MTN Uganda data bundles are offered in daily, weekly, and monthly durations.

This article will provide you with a full list of the various data bundles offered by MTN Uganda, including daily, weekly, and monthly bundles that you should be aware of.

Daily Data Bundles

These daily data bundles are valid for 24 hours.

Data BundlePrice (UGX)How to Activate
30MB250Dial *150*20#
80MB500Dial *150*21#
180MB1,000Dial *150*22#
400MB2,000Dial *150*23#
1.5GB5,000Dial *150*31#

Weekly Data Bundles

These weekly data bundles are valid for 7 days.

Data BundlePrice (UGX)How to Activate
500MB5,000Dial *150*24#
1.5GB10,000Dial *150*24#
5GB20,000Dial *150*24#

Monthly data bundles

These data bundles are valid for one month.

Data BundlePrice (UGX)How to Activate
25MB1,500Dial *150*26#
512MB5,500Dial *150*27#
1.5GB10,000Dial *150*29#
3GB20,000Dial *150*32#
10GB50,000Dial *150*34#
30GB100,000Dial *150*35#
170GB550,000Dial *150*43#

How to check your data balance on MTN Uganda

  • Dial *131*4#.

Overall, MTN Uganda data bundles are reasonable, however, they frequently vary as internet rates keep falling. 

More specifically, given the increase in home broadband internet service providers and the recent launch of the MTN Home Fiber network, we anticipate that the company will offer its consumers more reasonably priced data bundles as demand rises.