coronavirus in Uganda have reached 63
Coronavirus in Uganda rise to 63. Courtesy

Coronavirus cases in Uganda rise to 63 after two Tanzanian truck drivers test positive

The Ministry of Health has confirmed two new Tanzanian truck drivers tested positive for the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 bringing the number of cases in Uganda, to 63.

The two coronavirus cases involving Tanzanian truck drivers were confirmed by the Ministry of Health after a total of 1,296 samples tested at the Uganda Virus Research Centre in Entebbe on Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of Health, one case involving a 43-year-old Tanzanian truck driver is from 550 samples that were tested from the community and quarantine centres while the other of a 35-year-old Tanzanian was identified from 746 samples tested from truck drivers at border points of entry.

“Two new cases COVID-19 positive cases were confirmed Wednesday. A 43-year-old Tanzanian truck driver who is a contact to a previously confirmed case and a 35-year-old Tanzanian truck driver who arrived from Tanzania at Mutukula border,” a statement from the Ministry of Health read.

According to Dr Henry Mwebesa, the director-general of health services at the Ministry of Health, the case involving a 43-year-old Tanzanian truck driver was a contact of another Tanzanian truck driver who tested positive on April 17, as they travelled in the same vehicle. 

“Because of his contact with the confirmed case, the ministry decided to quarantine him at Mulago Hospital. A test conducted on him Wednesday proved positive for COVID-19,” Dr Mwebesa said adding that he did not show any COVID-19 signs and symptoms during the quarantine.

Dr Mwebesa said that the other case is of a 35-year-old Tanzanian truck driver who arrived into the country via Mutukula Border Post from Dar-es-Salaam and he did not show any signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

coronavirus in Uganda have reached 63
Coronavirus in Uganda rise to 63. Courtesy

The new figures now mean that coronavirus cases in Uganda have reached 63. Previously, Uganda has been deporting victims of the coronavirus back to their parent countries to seek medication from there. 

With the most recent incident happening this week involving a 34-year-old Tanzanian truck driver who was deported back to Tanzania to seek medication from thereafter he tested positive of the virus.

However, the World Health Organisation on Tuesday said that every new case is counted and treated in a country where it was tested and confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health on Wednesday confirmed a total of seven patients had been discharged after they tested negative twice for the deadly coronavirus.

“Three patients were discharged from Mulago Hospital while four patients were released from Entebbe Grade B Hospital bringing the number of discharged patients since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to 45,” Ministry of Health said.

As of Thursday 23rd, Uganda has a total of 63 confirmed cases with no victims reported to have succumbed to the virus and if you exclude those that have recovered from the virus, the number of active cases reduces to only 18 in number.