Ugandan doctors discourage COVID-19 cure
Ugandan doctors discourage the use of Chloroquine as a cure for COVID-19. FILE PHOTO

Ugandan doctors discourage the use of Chloroquine as a preventive drug or cure for COVID-19 disease

Ugandan doctors have refuted claims that Chloroquine is a cure for COVID-19. The doctors under their umbrella the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has appealed to the public to stop buying Chloroquine which has been declared by the Trump administration as a treatment for COVID-19 disease.

This comes after claims that several Ugandans are rushing to buy Chloroquine and a couple who used Chloroquine phosphates in Arizona where the man who was in his old age died of Cardiac arrest while his wife admitted in critical condition.

They self-medicated themselves after getting news that Chloroquine can treat or prevent COVID-19.

This was after President Trump announced during White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic that Chloroquine is a potential “game-changer” in the treatment of COVID-19.

“This incoming malaria drug (Chloroquine) has shown to be very encouraging, very very encouraging and yielding results.”

UMA President, Dr Richard Idro says the claims are false because no research has conclusively demonstrated that Chloroquine can prevent or cure COVID-19.

“I reiterate that there’s currently no medicine that can prevent or cure COVID-19. We appeal to the public to stop this false information. No research has conclusively demonstrated that Chloroquine can prevent COVID-19,” Dr Idro said.

Ugandan doctors discourage COVID-19 cure
Ugandan doctors discourage the use of Chloroquine as a cure for COVID-19. FILE PHOTO

However, Idro says after a meeting at the Ministry of Health they resolved to suspend non-emergency services in all referral hospitals with immediate effect to reduce on coronavirus transmission which might arise.

“All non-emergency services such as elective surgeries and procedures, admissions for such elective surgeries in the referral hospitals are suspended with immediate effect. Patients in the wards who have no critical illnesses be discharged from hospital and allow them to go home,” Dr Idro said.

Idro the move will help create room in the referral hospitals, reduce the risk of cross infections and recommended that admitted patients with non-critical illnesses be discharged from hospitals, including patients with mental illness in Butabika hospital.

“Such actions should be across the board including patients with mental illness for example in Butabika for whom such interventions maybe even more important,” Idro said.

Ministry of Health designated Entebbe Grade B Hospital and the newly renovated Mulago Hospital as main treatment centres for COVID-19. However, from now all the 19 regional hospitals in the country have started preparations to become regional treatment centres.

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In Africa, the number of coronavirus infections is shooting high to the extent that South Africa has announced a lockdown. South Africa alone has 550 confirmed cases and only 4 patients have recovered and no one has died.

In Uganda, the number of confirmed patients with COVID-19 rose to 9 in just less than two days after it confirmed its first case on Sunday morning. Others countries which confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa include;

  • Algeria 264 cases, 19 deaths.
  • Angola 3 cases, no death, 
  • Burkina Faso 114 cases, 4 deaths, 
  • Cameroon 66 cases, no death, 
  • Central African Republic 3 cases no death,
  • Chad 2 cases, no death,
  • Congo Republic 36 cases, 2 deaths, 
  • Democratic Republic of Congo 30 cases, 1 death, 
  • Egypt 366 cases, 19 deaths
  • Equatorial Guinea 9 cases, no deaths,
  • Ethiopia 12 cases, no death
  • Gabon 6 cases, one death, 
  • Gambia 2 cases, 1 death, 
  • Ghana 27 cases, 17 deaths,
  • Guinea 4 cases, 1 death
  • Ivory Coast 25 cases, 42 death
  • Kenya 16 cases, no death
  • Liberia 3 cases, no death
  • Madagascar 17 cases, no death
  • Morocco 143 cases, 4 death
  • Mozambique 1 death
  • Namibia 4 cases, no death
  • Niger 3 cases, no death
  • Nigeria 40 cases, 1 death
  • Rwanda 36 cases, no death 
  • Senegal 79 cases, 3 deaths
  • Seychelles 7 cases, no deaths
  • Sudan 2 cases, 1 death
  • Tanzania 12 case, no death
  • Tanzania 12 cases, no deaths
  • Tunisia 89 cases, 3 deaths
  • Zambia 3 cases, no death
  • Zimbabwe 3 cases, 1 death 
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Globally 18,000 people have died from COVID-19, disease, more than 420,000 infections confirmed in at least 170 countries and among these 109,000 patients recovered from the deadly novel Coronavirus.

Novel coronavirus emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late December which has currently locked down almost every country.

In Africa, Botswana closed its Airport even before recording any case after its neighbour Zimbabwe registered a death.

Some of the most hit countries in the western world include;

  • Australia 2,318 cases, 8 deaths
  • Austria 5,283 case, 28 deaths
  • Belgium 4,269 cases, 122 deaths
  • Canada 2,088 cases, 25 deaths
  • China 81,588 cases, 3,281 deaths
  • Czech Republic 1,289 case, 2 deaths
  • Denmark 1,703 cases, 32 death
  • France 20,149 case, 862 deaths
  • Germany 30,150 cases, 130 deaths
  • Iran 24,811 case, 1,934 deaths
  • Israel 1,656 cases, 1 death
  • Italy 69,176 cases, 6,820 deaths
  • Japan 1,140 cases, 42 deaths
  • Malaysia 1,624 cases, 15 deaths
  • Netherlands 4,767 cases, 214 deaths
  • Norway 2,624 case, 11 deaths
  • Portugal 2,060 case, 23 deaths
  • South Korea 9,037 cases, 120 deaths
  • Spain 39,673 cases, 2,696 deaths
  • Sweden 2, 059 cases, 33 deaths
  • Switzerland 9,117 cases, 122 deaths
  • Turkey 1,529 cases, 44 deaths
  • United States of America 46,450 cases, 593 deaths