Museveni traders hiking food prices
Museveni cautions traders against hiking food prices or else they risk cancellation of their licenses. PHOTO/TWITTER

Coronavirus: Museveni cautions traders against hiking food prices or else they risk cancellation of their licenses

President Museveni has cautioned Ugandan traders’ particular in the food industry against hiking prices or else they risk cancellation of their trading licenses. This comes at a time when buyers are in a panic of buying foodstuffs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic that struck the country.

Uganda registered its first case of Coronavirus disease COVID-19 on Sunday morning 22nd, March; 2020 that caused a panic moon prompting panic buying which traders have taken advantage of by hiking prices on most of the goods.

Addressing the nation yesterday evening, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said he will send spy network around and anyone found selling goods at abnormal prices (hiking food prices), his/her license will be revoked.

“I want to warn those people, I will send spies in the town if I find anybody hiking the price of food, I will cancel his license. His license will be cancelled because you are crooked, because the food, fortunately, Uganda is not like other countries, the food is produced here, what has happened to let the food go up, what has happened? I want to warn the businessmen, don’t lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

“I may organize NRM cadres to bring these foods from the villages and sell directly and we forget about these useless crooks of Kampala,” Museveni added.

Hand sanitizer manufactures have taken the opportunity to hike prices, which the president said was very unnecessary asking Ugandan to stop buying them and use ordinary soap and water.

“But I want to tell you that you don’t need the sanitizers, the soap is enough to kill that virus. So, those crooks should not hold you to hostage by saying that you should buy the sanitizer, if they overprice them, leave them, use ordinary soap,” Museveni said.

Museveni further promised Ugandan to engage the National Water and Sewage Corporation.

“NWSC) into the matter to see that water prices are reduced due to the continuous need to wash hands, including monitoring fuel pump prices, which may cause prices to hike.

Also, the president on the issue of public transport said he’s trying to revive the manufacture of bicycles in Uganda and consider suspending public transport.

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In his remarks, he noted that he talked to the factory owners in Matugga and Luwero industries to start manufacturing Bicycles to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease.

“With the bicycles, you are by yourself, you are not with the boda boda, because you keep the company you want to keep. The answers to this virus we shall get rid of public transport and promote the bicycles,” Museveni noted.

Uganda currently has nine confirmed case of COVID-19 and the president in his speech confirmed that 3 of its lot are stabilizing and responding to treatment.

He, however, emphasized the issue of washing hands with soap and water, maintaining the social distance, don’t touch your face and visit the nearest Health Centre 111 for a checkup in case of any suspicion.

“The situation is manageable we shall manage it, people are receiving treatment now and some of them are responding and we have traced the others who had escaped, so the situation we shall handle it. Just listen to our advice, the three points wash your hands, don’t get near anybody who is coughing or sneezing and do not allow in your vehicle, don’t allow in your office. Secondly wash your hands with water and soap, water alone without soap is not effective, thirdly don’t touch yourself with unwashed hands in the mouth, in the nose and the eyes,” Museveni said.

“The issue is that the testing centres are very far. The central testing centre is in Entebbe, yes, but the reception points are all over, I asked the Minister and she said there are 100 all over Uganda, and I said how many are in Teso? She said in Teso there were at least five. So if you want to check, just go to the nearest Health Center, don’t burden yourself by looking for where to go, you just go to the nearest Health Centre 111, they will guide you, they will tell you where to go,” he added.