Coronavirus Uganda MPs
Uganda MPs call for motivational allowances to medical workers. FILE PHOTO

Uganda MPs call for motivational allowances to medical workers who have fronted their lives to save Ugandans from the coronavirus pandemic

Members of Parliament (MPs) in Uganda under their umbrella body Kampala Parliamentary Association have listed down five action plan that government should address during this period of the coronavirus pandemic which includes medical workers.

The MPs led by Kampala Central legislator, Muhammad Nsereko who led the group said Uganda should consider relaxing and rescheduling loan repayments by commercial banks, suspension of rent fees, motivational allowances to health workers who have fronted their lives to save Ugandans from the coronavirus pandemic.

Various stringent measures have been established to curb the deadly virus from spreading further to other Ugandans since the country now has 9 cases all under isolation.

“In the health sector, clinical officers that have been recalled, the doctors, the nurses and others, isn’t it time for us reconsider giving them a motivational allowance, because as we have in Italy, the People that have contracted this virus more, pa-capita, are those that have been attending to the patients, trying to save lives and dying on duty,” Nsereko said.

Nsereko also asked the government to engage all commercial banks to reschedule loan repayment of those that are indebted for a period of 90 to 120 days.

“Relax the loan repayment or create a reschedule loan repayment. Two the government can intervene, whereby it gives them a tax holiday for this financial year.”

Coronavirus Uganda MPs
Uganda MPs call for motivational allowances to medical workers. FILE PHOTO

Further, Nsereko asked the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to allow savers access 20 per cent of their savings to help them sustain the living during this global pandemic.

“There are savings that people have made, through the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), isn’t this the time that the NSSF considers depending on the magnitude that someone has saved, giving people as a backup, allowing people to access part of their earning to a tune of about between 10 per cent to 20 per cent,” Nsereko suggested.

“By so doing, one this will encourage people in the future to know that their savings mean a lot to them,” he added.

The legislators also asked the government to scrap utility bills to allow free access to water and electricity to all Ugandans during this trying period.

“This is a time that utility companies must consider not charging people utility bills for about 120 days because people are going to stay home, businesses are going to be distracted. National Water is a fully owned government cooperation or company, and it should yield to the call,” Nsereko said.

Relatedly, the government has denied allegations by the four-time presidential candidate, Col Dr Kizza Besigye indicating that the government had plans to postpone the general elections even before the deadly Coronavirus pandemic struck the country.

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As the 2021 general elections draw closer there’s already an impact of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic on the country’s election roadmap, the EC has already halted its special interest group election that was due to happen.

However, the Commission says the fate of 2021 general elections might be decided after the 32 days quarantine announced recently by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“We don’t have any plan to extend the 2021 general elections. We will resume after 32 days and get back to our road map (elections), especially in the field-based activities, because that one that is office-based are being conducted,” Jonathan Taremwa, Spokesperson EC said.

“This was attempted through a constitutional amendment to extend the term from 5-7 years which we fought vigorously and they were defeated. The motivation for doing so had not changed,” Besigye said.

Dr Besigye, the opposition strongman believes the ruling NRM government is currently experiencing economic and security set back that can’t enable it to hold the 2021 elections.

“The use of force and brutal means it requires huge amounts of money to buy its way through an election, apart from the actual expenditure that’s required in organizing one, which money to man mind they don’t have, even without Coronavirus,” Besigye said.