Temangalo land issue returns
COSASE summons city businessman Nzeyi and NSSF Boss Byarugaba. File Photo

The Parliamentary Committee on Commission, Statutory and State Enterprise (COSASE), has summoned the Managing Director of the National Social Security Fund, Richard Byarugaba together with the City tycoon Amos Nzeyi, to appear before the committee over Temangalo land acquisition.

The committee that’s today investigating the alleged acquisition of departed Asian property wants the two to explain circumstances under which they acquired the controversial 366 hectares of land in Temangalo.

The shift turn of events comes after Moosa Nazima, a Ugandan of Asians origin presented valid documents before the committee indicating the right owner of Temangalo land and is his late father, Muhammad Ali.

Nazim says Temangalo land was fraudulently acquired by Amos Nzeyi, a city businessman and the National Social Security Fund Boss Managing Director, Richard Byarugaba without their consent.

Moosa Nazzim is a former Ugandan but now a Canadian Citizen. He says his father Ali was one of the victims at time President Idd Amin Dada expelled Indians from Uganda in 1972.

But before his expulsion, he says his father had acquired the Temangalo land and two other plots on Rashid Hamis Road that’s plot 36 and 38 in Kampala City among other properties.

He, however, asked the committee to review the way Temangalo land was acquired.

“I don’t believe this one very important question was asked. How did Mr Nzeyi acquire Temangalo land,” Nazim said.

He, however, said their efforts to have mediations outside courts of law on the request of Amos Nzeyi failed because Nzeyi was never serious on the matter saying he has no business with them.

“We even wrote a letter to Mr Nzeyi’s friend who is from our community to ask for his intervention. Mr Nzeyi refused to have anything to do with us. The court recommended mediations but was never taken seriously by Mr Nzeyi because he never showed up for them,” Nazim said.

Nazzim also informed the Committee that the signature appearing on the document was forged to make NSSF believe and acquire the contested land. He says the time it was signed his father was already dead.

“The signatures of my Dad, my Dad in his last years before he passed away in 1997, he was incapacitated, he could not even sign his name, he was incapacitated. How could he have gone and signed a document in Uganda, then passed away on February 1997 when the document is signed of June of 1997. You could see that those are false documents,” Nassim explaining.

In the same way, Nazim denied any connection with the former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi as regards to controversial Temangalo land.

“It has always been Mr Nzeyi and him alone, we have never, never, connected him to Mr Mbabazi,” Nazzim noted.

Other people summoned to appear before the committee together with Byarugaba and Nzeyi includes; Susan Kulata, Ambassador Sam Male, Honourable Stephen Kavuma and the family of Mr Mugwanya.