President Museveni advises youths
Stop spending money carelessly, President Museveni advises youths on money management. Photo/Facebook

President Yoweri Museveni has called on youths to save their money for productive use rather than spending it recklessly on buying unnecessary luxuries and attending parties.

President Museveni said that these acts by youths are a sign of social indiscipline and one of the major problems the country is still facing.

Also, he questioned where the money that many youths splash in bars and on parties comes from yet they claim not to be having money.

“You go to bars and they are full, you go to where they are roasting pigs and the places are full. This is social indiscipline and it is part of the problem we are facing,” Museveni said.

The President added before calling on all youth leaders to sensitize the people they serve to work towards being productive in their lives and the country as a whole.

“Even if it means sensitising the people on changing to the money economy through Twitter. I can also tweet and I will be there tweeting with you,”

President Yoweri Museveni also said that youths should protect and maintain their cultural heritage and avoid being driven by western influence.

“The West doesn’t have spectacles to see the difference between a woman and a man. They are sick. The culture heritage must be maintained but others like our traditional subsistence methods that have claimed over 68% of the population, must be changed,” Mr Museveni said.

In a statement issued by his media team, President Museveni who promised government support for youths who will form productivity aimed Saccos said that anyone can embrace commercial farming and not leave it for elites.

“Youth should know that when speaking to me, they are speaking to someone who was once a former youth. I was a youth but extraordinary youth, who was better than my elders at the time. I preached a change to modern methods of farming when people in Ankole still believed that commercial farming was only for the elite,” he said.

This was the President’s statement to the youths while Uganda joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International Youth Day on Monday 12 August.

In an event that was held at Gonza Primary School, Kagoma in Buwenge Sub-County, Jinja District, the president was represented by the Vice President Edward Ssekandi who officiated the celebrations.

This year’s theme was transforming education.

However, at the national level, it was transforming education for responsible citizenship and employment creation.

By John Dalton Kigozi