How Huawei Technicians Helped Uganda Government Spy on Bobi Wine
How Huawei technicians helped Uganda government to track Bobi Wine’s WhatsApp communications

The Washington Post Investigation report indicates that African governments have been assisted by Huawei technologies to help them spy on their home opposition leaders.

The report states that Uganda and Zambia government have been receiving assistance from Huawei technicians to help them tap opposition phone communications.

In the report, it’s indicated that the Uganda government intercept encrypted messages while in Zambia, Police have managed to locate bloggers by the help rendered by Huawei technologies.

It’s also indicated that in Uganda, Huawei engineers used Israel made spyware to access the Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi common name Bobi Wine’s WhatsApp chat group against president Museveni.

And the government supposedly used his WhatsApp texts messages to thwart his arrangements that include public rallies, his and supporters’ arrests in the country.

How Huawei Technicians Helped Uganda Government Spy on Bobi Wine
How Huawei technicians helped Uganda government to track Bobi Wine’s WhatsApp communications. File Photo

While in Zambia, it’s reported that the government managed to access the phones and Facebook accounts of Zambian opposition bloggers behind a pro-opposition news site against President Edgar Lungu, by the help of Huawei engineers.

In this regard, Uganda and Zambia government spokespersons confirmed the developments saying they are working with Huawei engineers.

Zambia’s spokesperson said that Huawei technicians were helping Zambian government combat opposition news sites.

“Whenever we want to track down perpetrators of fake news, we ask Zicta, which is the lead agency. They work with Huawei to ensure that people don’t use our telecommunications space to spread fake news,” he said.

And in that case, the gap between fake news and opposition news reduces.

These allegations against Huawei company could validate the Trump Administration’s concern about the use of Huawei Technology in the US, but according to Huawei statement issued to Washington Post, all these are false claims “never been engaged in ‘hacking’ activities.”

However, in this investigation, there’s no proof that the China-based company Huawei executives approved the activities taking place in both Uganda and Zambia.

It did not find that any aspect of Huawei’s network, in particular, made the spying possible.

In a statement issued by Huawei spokesperson to Washington Post, Huawei rejected the claim saying they are false claims intended to tarnish their reputation.

“Huawei rejects completely these unfounded and inaccurate allegations against our business operations. Our internal investigation shows clearly that Huawei and its employers have not been engaged in any of the activities alleged. We have neither the contracts nor the capabilities, to do so.”

Nonetheless, It’s too soon to say how this investigation report might impact the US ban on Huawei technologies.  

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