Uganda COVID-19 and coronavirus Cases recoveries
Uganda reports seven new COVID-19 recoveries, bringing the total to 103. PHOTO/AFP

Uganda reports seven new Coronavirus recoveries, bringing the total to 103 as new COVID-19 cases soar to 646.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) Monday announced an additional seven patients had recovered from the deadly coronavirus bringing the total number of recoveries in Uganda to 103.

Part of the announcement, the Ministry also confirmed 30 new COVID-19 cases from 3,758 samples tested countrywide on Sunday pushing the total number of cases to 646. 

According to the Director-General Health Services, Dr Henry. G. Mwebesa a total of 1,876 samples were tested from points of entry, 1,728 samples were from alerts and contacts while 154 samples were from the health workers.

Dr Mwebesa also said that the 18 cases confirmed among the alerts and contacts to the previously confirmed cases came from districts including Amuru, Tororo, Buikwe, Kyankwazi, Arua and Wakiso as well as one case from districts around Kampala.

“Four from Amuru, three from Tororo, three from Buikwe, two from Kyankwazi, two from Arua, one from Bulisa, one from Wakiso, one from Kisoro and one from Kampala districts,” Dr Mwebesa said.

Meanwhile, the MOH said that an additional four frontline health workers were part of the new cases bringing the total number of COVID-19 positive health workers to 22.

Relatively the Ministry says it returned 51 foreign truckers including 43 Kenyans, four Tanzanians, three Burundians and one Eritrean who tested positive for COVID-19 to their respective countries of origin.

Uganda COVID-19 and coronavirus Cases recoveries
Uganda reports seven new COVID-19 recoveries, bringing the total to 103. PHOTO/AFP

As of today, Uganda has registered a total of 646 COVID-19 cases, from which, 103 have been discharged after they recovered and no one has yet died from the coronavirus.

Following increasing infections among the health workers, the MOH says that it has sent out a team of researchers to monitor and find out the conditions under which these workers get infected.

However, different experts countrywide have attributed the infections to the complacency among most health workers who undermine taking the right directives into play to avoid contracting the virus.

The experts explain that these workers because they are in charge of treating the patients they tend to forget that they can also become victims and get infected once exposed to the virus.

Meanwhile, dozens of health-care workers globally have fallen ill with COVID-19, and a big number of them are quarantined after exposure to the virus. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned that doctors and nurses ought to be even more vigilant while regularly handling the COVID-19 cases because they can easily contract the virus.