Court Okays Judith Babirye and MPs Ssebulime’s divorce
Court allows Judith Babirye and MPs Ssebulime’s divorce. File Photo

Court gives Judith Babirye and new husband a go-ahead with Ssebulime’s divorce just after 17 months

High Court has given a go-ahead to Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye to have a marriage divorce with fellow lawmaker Paul Musoke Sebulime‘s whom he married less than two years back.

Babirye and Musoke on 27th July 2018 tied the knot in a colourful ceremony that was held in Bunga, Kampala district amidst pomp and fanfare.

Towards the end of last year (2019) however, Babirye’s husband, Musoke petitioned the high court family court to end his marriage with the Buikwe MP saying that he had not seen her since 22 December 2018 and that she had subjected him to psychological torture including denying him sexual intercourse a few times save for only when she wanted it.

The couple has not been intimate since the second week of August 2018 and now the High Court through Lady Justice Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya has granted the two a go-ahead to have their marriage issues settled.

According to Lady Mukwaya, it was evident from Musoke’s petition that Babirye had not demonstrated any signs of commitment for the success of their marriage and thus their marriage should be dissolved on grounds of cruelty.

“There is no evidence of the respondents (Babirye) participation in efforts to reconcile with her husband. The petitioner did not know of his wife’s whereabouts for seven months that he waited before filing this petition. I am therefore satisfied that the petitioner has proved th

Court Okays Judith Babirye and MPs Ssebulime’s divorce
Court allows Judith Babirye and MPs Ssebulime’s divorce. File Photo

The two legislator’s marriage is now in the past. Babirye and her colleague, Musoke held a colourful traditional marriage ceremony earlier in 2018 that was attended by the Vice president Edward Ssekandi, senior religious leaders among other dignitaries.

Before their marriage, Musoke’s ex-wife Lukiya Ntale had warned Babirye against getting married to her husband.

“I have been seeing you with my husband knowing you were just friends when you came for the burial of my father, I saw you asking for my eldest child,’’ Lukiya said back in 2018 warning Babirye from going on with any marriage arrangements.

Meanwhile, just like Musoke, Babirye who is also a gospel musician turned politician was earlier married to Niiwo. Babirye divorced him with whom they have a 12-year-old daughter.

Facts about their divorce are still unknown although particular sources revealed that Babirye fled their marital home in 2009 fear for her life as Niiwo had turned violent and physically assaulted her.

By John Dalton Kigozi