Sam Kahamba Kutesa Uganda Rwanda relations
Speaker Kadaga summons Minister Kutesa over Uganda-Rwanda relations. File Photo

Speaker of Parliament Kadaga summons Minister Kutesa over Uganda-Rwanda relations

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has summoned the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sam Kahamba Kutesa to give a statement on the Uganda and Rwanda relations plus the ongoing tensions.

This follows three Ugandans who were allegedly shot and killed in Rwanda over the weekend and the on-going arrest of Ugandans in Kigali the Capital City of Rwanda.

This was during the first Parliament sitting in the year 2020. The matter of National Importance concerning the trade relations between Uganda and Rwanda where it’s border has remained closed for over a year, was raised by the Rukungiri Municipality legislator, Ronald Kahinda Mugume.

In this point, Mugume was more concerned about Ugandans who have been shot in Rwanda with three cases reported over the weekend alone.

“My question to the government, what is the fate of our trade relations between Rwanda and Uganda? if the borders have remained closed,” Mugume asked.

Mugume’s statement received support from other legislators who said that many people have been killed in Rwanda and government have remained quiet about the matter.

Responding, the government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa downplayed outburst from the legislators saying there is a lot of diplomatic engagements going on between the two countries, asking Parliament to give chance to the government to complete the process.

“I am requesting the government to give government chance to conclude the process of making sure that we get back to the good relationship which we had, because you cannot sit here and instruct the State that let the border be opened, and you think this instruction will make the

“But Hon, I hope you are not saying that we keep quiet, we don’t say anything until the government has concluded, yet people are dying?” Kadaga wondered.

Sam Kahamba Kutesa Uganda Rwanda relations
Speaker Kadaga summons Minister Kutesa over Uganda-Rwanda relations. File Photo

Nankabirwa adds that the ongoing bitter relations between Rwanda and Uganda cannot be solved without shedding blood.

“You cannot solve the current problem, without losing more lives, you cannot solve the problem without losing more lives,” Nankabirwa said.

Nankabirwa’s statement angered legislators wondering how a full government Chief Whip can make a statement that in peace talks, people should die before things get right.

Legislators wondered how a mother can make it that Ugandans should die in the process of making peace with Rwanda when in other countries like America one citizen matters a lot.

Angrily, legislators continued to state that Nankabirwa’s statement has caused more pain to them because Ugandans are dying in Rwanda innocently.

They, however, asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs to come and give a statement before Parliament over the matter.

This prompted Speaker Kadaga to summon Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kahamba Kutesa to appear before the plenary and explain the ongoing tension and killing of Ugandans in Rwanda.

“We want the Hon Minister to come here and talk to us about the relationship between Uganda and Rwanda and tell us what government is going to do,” Kadaga ruled.